Introducing Microsoft Visio import (beta)

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Since our last newsletter, we have been working closely with our beta testers to make significant improvements to our Microsoft Visio import and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Although this feature will remain in beta as we continue to iron out issues, we are now ready to release it to everyone!

Everyone will be able to import Visio files using the Lucidchart import tool. Because this is a premium feature, however, only Pro and Team users can edit imported files. Other users will be able to view a read-only version of imported documents — if you would like to edit, please consider upgrading to a Pro or Team account.

To begin importing Visio files:

  1. Log in to your Lucidchart account
  2. Click the new button – Upload Visio (VDX) – on your Documents page
  3. Select a Visio file (.vdx) from your computer
  4. Wait for the document to import and open in Lucidchart

Because Lucidchart currently only imports .vdx files, you may need to first resave your file in this format. To do so:

  1. Open the document in Visio
  2. Select Save As…
  3. Choose .vdx from the Save As type
  4. Select Save and close the file

Because this feature is still in beta, we recognize that there are likely still some issues to work through. If you import a Visio file and see something that’s not quite right, please send us feedback. We can only fix issues that we know about so please help us improve this exciting feature!

Time to upgrade your browser?

In the last several weeks, Chrome 10, Firefox 4 and IE9 have all been released. If you are using older versions of these browsers, we encourage you to upgrade as it will significantly improve your experience in Lucidchart.

Easier collaboration and publishing

Based on your feedback, we’ve made inviting users and publishing your documents more straightforward.

In your document, you will now see a prominent “Share” button in the top right-hand corner. Through this button, you can publish your documents as an image, PDF, web page, or to the Community Library. All of these actions are now under one roof!

Through the “Share” button, you can also easily invite collaborators, see outstanding invitations and manage permissions. We’ve also merged the collaboration bar with the group chat tab in the lower left below your diagram, freeing up more screen space to draw.

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  1. I would like to know if I can import Visio shapes as well.

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