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We're always excited when new users discover our product and write about the experience. Highlighted below are candid reviews from first time users of Lucidchart. Neither writer is affiliated with Lucidchart. First up is Dinis' attempt to vet Lucidchart as a viable Visio alternative. He wrote:

I really don't want to use Visio again (I'm done using large desktop apps with no web integration/publishing).

We hear this sentiment often; desktop programs tend to have limited functionality and high licensing costs.

He imported a Visio image into our editor and was able to quickly create this:

The verdict?

I have done a LOT of Visio diagrams (in the past), and I have to say that I found Lucid Chart's web interface really easy to use (and learn)... Not bad for a couple minutes work. 

Click here to learn more about our Visio import and export.

Adrian also loved the tool, but not for its ability to unseat Visio as a diagramming mainstay. What convinced Adrian is Lucidchart's seamless integration with Google Drive.

If you don't know how to integrate with Google Drive, here's the intro video. It's incredibly easy to get started.

But what are the benefits of using Lucidchart in Google Drive? Glad you asked! Adrian loves the idea of Google Docs, but...

But what if I want to include a diagram? In an age that allows me to work in the way I just described, does it makes sense to keep a local copy of a diagram file on my computer, uploading that file for replacement in the Google Doc every time I edit it? Nope. Enter Lucidchart. I have tried other online diagramming tools over time. I've never stuck with any of them, for one of two reasons.

  1. They do not allow me to share a read-only version of a diagram that is updated in real time
  2. I have not enjoyed the experience of creating the charts themselves because the interface is too slow or complicated.

The Lucidchart UI is as close to perfect as I could imagine. Now I realise that’s a big statement, and that ratings of user interface are very subjective, but for me, it doesn't get much better. ... I've only used Lucidchart for a little while now, and I might be the last person in the world to catch on. Its very clear to me that what I've asked of it so far only scratches the surface of its capabilities. The other portions of the tool that I've briefly explored seem to offer a similar level of usability and simplicity, so it’s easy to see myself expanding my reliance on my new best friend. You should try it too, because it’s so bloody cool, you need it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dinis and Adrian! For more details, see their full posts here and here. Tell us about your first time with Lucidchart--good or bad--in the comments below.