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If you have a great idea for an app--or just an interest in app development--you'll love playing with our brand new Android mockup library. This library will enable you to easily mock up and demo beautiful, lifelike applications for Android phones and tablets. Devices: We offer shapes for the 4 most common Android devices: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Galaxy SII, and the Galaxy Note. These shapes allow users to mock up an app for both tablets and phones, and each device can be displayed vertically or horizontally, with or without keyboard, and with light or dark screen settings. If the default shapes don't fit your needs, you can create one with custom dimensions.

Shapes: Andrew Hurd, the developer who created much of our Android library, explains,

Even though we have nearly all the standard Android shapes, we custom-built them for this library in Lucidchart, rather than using stock images. So you don't have to download as much in the browser--instead of downloading images to put onto your mockup tool, they're drawn directly on the canvas. That creates less pixelation and more granular control.

Another exciting development is the addition of light and dark options on each shape, to fit the light/dark screen settings and demo the look of an app for either day or night. This feature has been requested time and time again, so we're happy to deliver. The basic shapes include:

  • tab bars
  • headers
  • sliders
  • progress bars
  • text boxes
  • dialog boxes
  • common input/icon shapes

These shapes will provide an excellent base for any Android app, no matter how simple or sophisticated. If you haven't tried our demo tools yet, you'll be amazed at the dynamic interaction they provide for wireframes, mockups, and other diagrams. Enjoy the new mockup library, and happy diagramming!