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School is in the air, and Lucidchart can make the transition both fun and simple. We're proud to offer another free year of diagramming to students and educators. Read on for 4 tips on getting the most out of Lucidchart this school year!

Getting Started

If your school is on G Suite for Education, explore our application by logging in to your school email account, clicking "More", then selecting Lucidchart. If you know your username and password, you can also sign in here. No need to be intimidated—Lucidchart is fun, flexible, and surprisingly easy to use. We'll show you how!

Try Working Offline

Going on a field trip? Google Chrome users can now download our free app to create and edit Lucidchart documents offline. When an Internet connection is re-established, just log in to Lucidchart though the browser to sync all changes.

Organize Your Team

Did you know that you can add your entire class, grade, or school to a single Team account? To manage students and teachers, just create custom groups. You can also appoint trusted team members to the Team admin role. Learn more

Improve Group Projects

Group projects are notoriously difficult. But innovative details like real-time chat and document presence allow groups to easily work together, whether they're in the same room or on different continents. More group work tips

Ask For Help

Are you struggling with onboarding your students? Maybe you don't understand which shapes we offer or the point of the program. We can help! Check out this FAQ, and if you have additional questions, feel free to contact the support team. Remember, we look to our feature request forum during the development process, so please upvote your favorite requests and let your voice be heard! As always, thank you for choosing Lucidchart. - The Lucid Team