distance learning

Best practices for distance learning in 2020

Reading time: about 7 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Tips and tricks for transitioning to remote or distance learning and keeping students engaged without rewriting your entire curriculum.

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how to homeschool

8 homeschool tips and tricks for beginners

Reading time: about 8 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Educating your children at home? Here are 8 tips to organize your homeschool learning environment and keep everyone on track.

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Lucidchart for distance learning

How to use Lucidchart for distance learning

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Annika Wildenradt

Lucid for Education is a powerful, cloud-based resource that can help educators and at-home facilitators transition to distance learning seamlessly. See our tips for incorporating Lucidchart into your online classroom.

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college debt to earnings ratio map

Lucidchart Explains: College Debt to Earnings Ratio Map

Reading time: about 3 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

It’s important that students become better informed about the cost of their education and the likelihood that the debt incurred will be worth the probable salary earned after graduation. Take a look at our college debt to earnings ratio map.

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how to make a family tree chart

How to Make a Family Tree Chart

Reading time: about 7 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Want to gain some insight into who you are and where you come from? Create a family tree to record the people, places, and events that make up your family history. Learn how to make a family tree chart in a few easy steps.

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