sharing and collaboration in Lucidchart

Getting Started in Lucidchart: Sharing and Collaboration

Reading time: about 2 min

Posted by: Angie Mecham

Lucidchart was built for collaboration from the start. If you're new to the product, learn how you can share your Lucidchart documents, work with others in real time, share documents outside of Lucidchart, and embed your diagrams on another website.

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how to create a timeline in PowerPoint

How to Create a Timeline in PowerPoint

Reading time: about 3 min

Posted by: Shannon Williams

Learn how to create a flowchart in PowerPoint so you can visually present events or important milestones and deadlines within a project. The process is easy with Lucidchart and its PowerPoint integration.

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how to make a timeline in Word

How to Make a Timeline in Word

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Shannon Williams

Timelines allow you to show past events and future plans in a visual, scannable way. Now you can easily pair timelines with other documentation with Lucidchart and its Microsoft Word integration. Learn how to make a timeline in Word (it only takes 5 steps).

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diagram design tips

3 Tips for Wow-Worthy Diagrams

Reading time: about 5 min

Posted by: Bear Shelton

Want to create diagrams that leave viewers in awe? In Lucidchart, it's simple to touch up your diagrams and make them wow-worthy. Just follow our tips involving the three C's: clarity, consistency, and contrast. Learn more!

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create an org chart BambooHR

Create an Organizational Chart From BambooHR Data

Reading time: about 4 min

Posted by: Shannon Williams

Put your BambooHR data to work for you. With Lucidchart, you can import this data and generate a professional, dynamic org chart to visualize new reporting structures and easily share.

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