causes of scope creep

How to avoid scope creep (and the circumstances that lead to it)

Reading time: about 8 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Use these tips to prevent too many unexpected additions or changes from creeping into your projects.

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project manager challenges

Pain points for project leads (and how to solve them)

Reading time: about 7 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Project leads have their share of challenges, from dealing with last-minute changes to keeping workflows efficient. Learn more about these pain points and ways you can solve them.

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stakeholder buy-in

How to get buy-in from stakeholders

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

If the teams essential to a new project don’t see its value, they can often derail the adoption of a new process and render a project ineffective. Avoid this issue—learn how to get buy-in from stakeholders.

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scope change management

How to deal with last-minute scope changes

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Learn exactly what classifies as a scope change and then dive into a few tips on incorporating those shifts into your project plan and workflow. 

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questions to ask during sprint planning

Example questions for every type of Agile meeting

Reading time: about 4 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

By asking the right questions during Agile meetings, you can improve productivity, align cross-functional teams, and avoid disruptions. Here's a list of questions to start with.

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