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You didn’t just choose BambooHR because of their adorable panda logo. This software makes you the master of Human Resources. It gathers the data you need—contact information, job titles, healthcare benefits, time-off requests—and lets you focus more on the actual humans.

Ever wanted to use this information outside of BambooHR to create an organizational chart you can easily share? Perhaps the CEO wants to throw the org chart into a slidedeck and present it to the board. Maybe you want to print a copy for a packet of onboarding materials.

Don’t start from scratch—put your BambooHR data to work for you. With Lucidchart, you can import this data and generate a professional organizational chart that’s easy to customize and share with the entire company. Learn why you should choose Lucidchart as your org chart software and how to use these two applications together.

Why choose Lucidchart

Think of all the reasons you love BambooHR. It is sleek and easy to use. It acts as a central resource for all employee information. It creates reports that don’t look like they came straight out of the 1990s, professional reports you actually want to share.

You’ll love Lucidchart for all the same reasons BambooHR makes your job easier. Our diagramming tool offers:

  • A modern, intuitive experience—Just open the dialog and follow easy instructions to generate your org chart. If you want to build a diagram yourself, Lucidchart’s drag-and-drop functionality simplifies that process, too.
  • Professional shapes and templates—Choose from preset shapes and templates to quickly produce a diagram or customize your diagram with different fonts, colors, and styles. Either way, the end result will wow your colleagues.
  • Sharing capabilities—Information is power, and we want you to be able to share it with everyone. Send others your Lucidchart document directly, export it, Slack it, or embed it into your company’s knowledge base.
  • Real-time collaboration—Don’t have time to update your org chart all on your own? We don’t blame you. Share your diagram and share the load. Any users with editing privileges can update your diagram in real time so your chart stays accurate.

Don’t have a Lucidchart account? It only takes a minute to sign up for free. And once you’ve registered, you can use Lucidchart for your other HR needs. Diagram your onboarding process so you never forget to finish a step, or create a floor plan to make new employees feel comfortable, not lost.

How to generate an org chart from your BambooHR information

Just as BambooHR has made it easy to download employee information, we have made it easy to build a professional org chart from that information. Follow these steps to download a CSV file and upload it to Lucidchart. Note: You’ll need HR access on your BambooHR account to generate reports.

1. On your BambooHR account, go to “Reports.”

2. Choose an existing report, or click “+ Add Report” to create a new report. We recommend creating a custom report to import to Lucidchart.

add report in BambooHR

3. Name your report, and choose the fields you would like to include as part of your org chart. You may want to add the following information to your report (you will definitely need the fields marked with * to build your org chart):

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Work Phone
  • Work Email
  • Location
  • Division
  • Department
  • Job Title*
  • Employee #
  • Supervisor ID
  • Supervisor Name*

4. Click “Save.”

5. BambooHR will generate your report. Click “More,” and then export your report as a CSV.

BambooHR completed report

6. In Lucidchart, open a “Blank Org Chart” template.

7. Under the Org Chart shape library in the Toolbox, select “Import Data.”

8. Follow the dialog to upload your CSV file, connect your employees to their supervisors, and select which information belongs on the org chart. You can also split your organizational chart into different pages by a category of your choice.

Lucidchart org chart import

9. Lucidchart will generate an org chart based on your file and preferences. Click on any shape to edit details or reorganize the organizational chart. Using the Properties bar at the top of the editor, you can also modify fonts, colors, and other attributes.

completed Lucidchart org chart

Lucidchart leverages the data available in BambooHR to save you hours of time. Create an impressive organizational chart and still have time to take care of your colleagues. Get started today.