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Lucidchart: The Enterprise Solution for Working Visually

Joe McFarlane

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The Lucidchart team is currently gearing up for Atlassian Summit Europe, and we’re excited to show our constantly evolving product to teams worldwide.

We know we’re not the only diagramming software out there, but Lucidchart is much more than boxes and arrows—we’ve set ourselves apart by creating a versatile platform where enterprises can get all of their employees thinking visually. See how Lucidchart helps businesses create, collaborate, and convey information to increase clarity. (And for a specific use case, read how Appirio was able to demonstrate processes and improve efficiency when they transitioned from Gliffy to Lucidchart.)

If you’re attending Atlassian Summit Europe, stop by booth G3—we’d love to send you home with some swag and tell you more about our solution. See you in Barcelona!


Wondering who at your company can benefit from using Lucidchart? Everyone.

With intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality, anyone can start creating impressive diagrams quickly, from the sales representatives who can map out their contacts to the DevOps wizards who can build out dashboards that monitor network status.

quick technical diagram

Getting started is a breeze. Lucidchart includes templates and shape libraries that apply to a variety of roles. Build ERDs, network diagrams, and org charts faster by importing database schemas, AWS infrastructure, and CSVs. Users can also place data in context and monitor their processes, systems, and goals through data linking and conditional formatting.

If you have been using Visio, Gliffy, or, you don’t have to recreate your diagrams. Lucidchart allows you to import these files so you can simplify the switch and diagram right where you left off.


In the modern workplace—where you feel bombarded by emails and spreadsheets, where your co-workers aren’t always in the same location as you are, and where employees get to choose which operating system and devices they use—collaboration has become more difficult.

But, because businesses need to constantly innovate to stay relevant, effective collaboration is as important as ever. If you can’t clearly and quickly articulate ideas, information, and processes, your company can’t move forward.

Visuals can break through communication barriers and quickly convey complex ideas—and through Lucidchart, you can collaborate on and share those visuals easily. In our platform, which has been built for better collaboration from the beginning, you can:

  • Share your live document with view-only, comment-only, or full editing permissions.
  • Collaborate with co-workers in real time—all changes sync automatically.
  • Add comments to the entire diagram or specific shapes.
  • Include @notifications to alert your team members of feedback or action items.
  • Use in-editor chat to keep your conversations in the same spot as your diagram.
  • Export your diagrams as PDF, PNG, JPEG, VDX, CSV, or SVG files to share with those who aren’t in Lucidchart.

Plus, users can access the latest version of Lucidchart from any operating system on any device, including iOS and Androids. No more versioning issues.

Better collaboration in Lucidchart means that your employees can stay on the same page whether they work in the same office or are spread across the world. It means that they can communicate their ideas to stakeholders and get feedback and approval more quickly. It means that your company innovates faster, increases productivity, and grows its bottom line.


Once you’ve finished building a new process flow, a UML diagram to represent source code, a mind map of your brainstorming session, a high-fidelity mockup of your UX design, or another visual in Lucidchart, you can distribute and store it for others to reference.

Include visuals in the platforms you already use. Lucidchart integrates with many popular apps (and we’re always adding to the list), including:

  • Confluence
  • Jira Software
  • Slack
  • G Suite
  • Microsoft Office

Learn more about our Atlassian integrations.

Lucidchart integration with Confluence

Lucidchart also makes it easy to manage users from one account, so your company can protect sensitive data within diagrams and hold onto documentation when employees leave the company. Admins can:

  • Easily provision new employees with Lucidchart.
  • Set security, privacy, and sharing permissions across the organization.
  • Require single sign-on authentication.

In order to communicate clearly, we need to return to working the way we most often think: visually. Lucidchart can help anyone in any role connect the dots, convey information, and bring their ideas to life. Try it for yourself, and make sure to stop and see us at Atlassian Summit Europe.

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