2016 Feature Review: SCIM | Lucidchart Blog
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Enterprise users in Lucidchart have always enjoyed advanced administrator controls, and this year, they had another reason to rejoice. Now they can take advantage of our integration with SCIM, provisioning and deprovisioning users with Lucidchart licenses as needed.

If you aren’t familiar with SCIM (or haven’t set up this feature on your Lucidchart account), learn how.

What is SCIM?

If you’re staring at the screen wondering how this addition will actually benefit you, let’s start with a SCIM definition. SCIM, which was originally known as Simple Cloud Identity Management and now stands for System for Cross-Domain Identity Management, is the standard for automating the exchange of user information between identity providers and other software. Within Lucidchart, SCIM allows administrators to provide groups of employees with full Lucidchart licenses or view-only access.

This feature benefits administrators at your company because they can quickly manage accounts for incoming or exiting employees without leaving the identity provider. Employee life cycle management just became a whole lot easier.

SCIM diagram

How do I set it up?

Lucidchart currently offers SCIM for Okta and OneLogin. For either identity provider, you’ll need to complete the following steps in Lucidchart:

  1. In Lucidchart, under Account Settings > Subscription Level, check “Automatically upgrade team to larger size when licenses exceed team size.” SCIM provisioning/deprovisioning only works with this setting enabled.
  2. Go to Team > App Integration > SCIM.
  3. Click on “Generate token” to create a unique code shared between Lucidchart and Okta. Copy the bearer token once it appears.

To configure SCIM in Okta, continue with these steps:

  1. Log in to Okta as an administrator. In the Admin area, go to “Applications” and click on the Lucidchart application.
  2. Under “Provisioning,” click “Enable provisioning features.”
  3. Paste the bearer token in the API Token field. Click “Test API Credentials” to validate the connection.
  4. Select the provisioning features you would like to enable.

how to set up SCIM in Okta

Use OneLogin instead? Follow this process to set up your SCIM integration:

  1. Log in to OneLogin as an administrator. Go to “Apps” at the top of the page and search for Lucidchart SCIM.
  2. Once you install the application, go to the “Configuration” tab within the app.
  3. Paste in the bearer token and base URL.
  4. Change the settings under the “Rules” tab to enable Lucidchart access for different roles.
  5. Enable provisioning for Lucidchart under the “Provisioning” tab.

From this point, you can create groups, add members to each group, and select which licenses they need. Save yourself time with SCIM provisioning. If you are not yet part of an Enterprise account, learn more about the solutions this subscription can provide.