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Best practices for using the Lucidchart Slack integration

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Lucidchart believes that innovation is a collaborative process—the more minds you bring together, the better your chances are of actualizing your company’s next great idea. Slack allows innovative companies to communicate effectively whether their employees are all in the same physical location or scattered across the globe.

Lucidchart’s integration with Slack allows you to stay on top of your documents and streamline collaboration so that you can maximize productivity for yourself and your team. Plus, admins can easily deploy Lucidchart across your entire organization at once—no matter how many Slack workspaces you have. Read on to learn about the features that the integration includes and best practices for its use.

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Streamline your workflow with Lucidchart’s Slack integration

Little distractions can add up quickly when you're trying to be productive, so here are five ways you can avoid task and content switching when you're collaborating with your team in Lucidchart.

1. Use notifications to stay in the loop

Stop worrying about missed email notifications for your Lucidchart documents. With our integration, you can receive instant notifications about your Lucidchart documents without ever leaving Slack. (If you’re anything like us, we live in Slack, so the added convenience is game-changing.) Get notified instantly about new comments, shares, and document requests so that you’re always in the loop about project and document status.

Lucidchart slack integration

2. Adjust permissions right before you send

It’s so easy to forget to adjust Lucidchart document permissions (or any document permissions for that matter) before you share it in Slack.

Now, instead of keeping your colleague waiting as you frantically search for that request access email or go into Lucidchart to adjust sharing settings, you can manage document permissions directly in Slack, providing view, edit, edit and share, or comment access. When you paste a Lucidchart document link in Slack, you can select the appropriate access settings right before you send your instant message.

Lucidchart slack integration


3. Include everyone when you share

When you’re working with a group, it can be so easy to accidentally leave someone out when you’re typing in email addresses to share a document. Instead of trying to remember everyone’s name, just leverage your existing Slack groups when you share a document from Lucidchart. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t forget anyone—not even that new hire who joined last week.

Lucidchart slack integration

4. Access shared documents directly through Slack

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t quite remember where you saw that Lucidchart document? The good news is that if you shared it in Slack, the document link gets converted into a document that you can search for and access in Slack. You’ll also get a document preview so you don’t have to leave Slack to confirm that you’ve got the right document.

Lucidchart slack integration

5. Use link unfurling to preview documents

Have you ever sent the wrong document to a teammate? It leads to confusion, backtracking, and even makes it difficult to work together. But with link unfurling as a part of our Slack integration, you will never send the wrong diagram again. Simply paste your Lucidchart link into Slack and it will automatically unfurl, letting you preview the document before you send it.

Need to find a specific diagram later? Link unfurling makes it easier to quickly reference which diagram was sent. Just quickly look through the diagram previews to find the right one.

With Lucidchart’s Slack integration, you no longer have to worry about losing momentum in your team’s collaborative process.

Lucidchart Slack integration

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