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Lucidchart software supports an integration with Box which will allow over 14 million Box users to easily view and edit Microsoft Visio documents. Lucidchart will become the standard default viewer for all Box-hosted Visio files.

Benefits to Box customers

The integration of Lucidchart’s service with the Box platform allows Box customers to instantly view and edit Visio files within their web browser.

Customers simply click on a Visio file from within their Box account, select ‘More Actions’, choose ‘View in Lucidchart’, and a read-only file viewer opens up the selected diagram. Customers will also be able to easily import Visio files, allowing them to edit their diagrams using Lucidchart’s critically acclaimed application.

“We’re thrilled that the integration of Lucidchart with Box will make our product available to some of the top businesses in the world,” said Lucidchart CEO Karl Sun.  “As Lucidchart has grown, we’ve looked to Box as a benchmark of reliability, security, and great user experience.  And as we gain more enterprise clients, our goal is to continue that tradition of top-notch development and support.”

Your Visio alternative

Lucidchart has several important advantages over Microsoft Visio. As a web-based application, Lucidchart can run virtually anywhere, rather than being confined to a desktop computer.  Lucidchart allows for seamless real-time collaboration with multiple users, and it saves content updates automatically. The diagramming application also runs across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and has been widely lauded as more intuitive and far simpler to use than Visio.

“Box and Lucidchart are helping businesses collaborate more effectively across organizations and teams,” said Chris Yeh, VP of Platform at Box.  “Our open platform makes it incredibly simple for companies to integrate their services on Box and provide our customers with an even greater suite of tools for enterprise productivity.”