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Since September 2013, Lucidchart, the leading online diagramming solution for both novice and expert users, performs as a desktop application designed for offline document creation and editing.

Lucid Software has worked closely with Google Chrome to offer a free offline application available in the Chrome Web Store. This application is compatible with the latest version of Chrome on Windows and Chrome OS, with support for OS X coming soon. Lucidchart users can easily install the application to enable document creation and editing, even without an Internet connection. After the app is downloaded, users will need to sign into Lucidchart through the browser to sync Lucidchart files to their computers. At that point, Internet access can be turned off and diagrams can be altered and created through the desktop. The next time a user logs into Lucidchart, all changes will be saved instantly.


lucidchart chrome store app


For years, Lucidchart users have requested an offline mode, but browser technology lacked the necessary reliability to ensure consistent document access and saving. When browser stability improved, Lucid’s developers were eager to explore the possibilities of offline mode. Ben Dilts, CTO of Lucid Software, said, “We've been thrilled to work with the Chrome team on a whole new application platform. Chrome Apps promise to bring world-class HTML5 apps like Lucidchart into the same ecosystems and workflows as traditional native applications. The additional features exposed to Chrome Apps allowed us to finally offer reliable offline support for Lucidchart in just weeks of development time. We look forward to the expansion of Chrome App support to additional platforms and devices.”

Lucidchart's diagramming application is already deeply integrated with Google Apps and Google Drive, so this latest offering is a natural next step toward satisfying fans of both Google and Lucidchart. “We are excited about the possibilities of Lucidchart’s offline app and gratified that early users feel the same way,” said Karl Sun, CEO of Lucid Software. “Businesses, creative professionals, and regular users now have unprecedented access to their diagrams, whether they are working in the office or on the road. This is consistent with Lucidchart's broader goal—to make visual communication easier and more effective for everyone.”

See Lucidchart’s listing in the Chrome Web Store below.