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Here at Lucidchart, our team recently returned from a company retreat with a renewed sense of purpose. Similarly, we hope these 6 new features will energize your team and make diagramming more enjoyable: Document presence, an embeddable Lucidchart viewer, floor plans, P&ID shapes, slippery lines, and input fields.


This feature is exactly what it sounds like: When collaborators enter your document, a glow appears around objects that they are editing or selecting. The glow’s color will change depending on which user is in the doc, and the chat window on the lower left-hand side of the document will reveal the identity and number of present users.To instantly see who’s editing a given object, just hover over it. Presence has been proven to reduce confusion and increase efficiency, so try it today!

Embeddable viewer

Want to embed your diagrams in just a few clicks? Now you can share your work with colleagues, classmates, and the world at large.

Our new embeddable viewer works from anywhere on the web to provide a seamless viewing experience. Any updates made to the original doc will be reflected instantly, and you can even specify the exact size of the viewer. To embed a document:

  1. Open a document and click on “Share” from the top-left options.
  2. Select the embed option, then click “Publish link” to enable the viewer.
  3. Copy and paste the HTML code to a website.

floor plans

Floor plans

This shape library is perfect for visualizing and customizing floor plans for your home, office, or special event. We have nearly every element that you’ll need, including tables, chairs, electronics, and appliances. Each object has been fine-tuned for incredible ease of use; for example, walls can split, change length, or snap together with a single click. All elements are automatically scaled to size.

P&ID shapes

Our brand new piping & instrumentation diagram shape library has been carefully engineered for fast, precise drawing. For example, a tank can be customized with various roof types and users can toggle between hiding and showing the stump. All of our P&ID options are based on the ISA S5 standards, so your P&ID diagrams will be welcome in any professional context.

Slippery lines and input fields

Frequent creators of UML sequence diagrams will love our introduction of slippery lines. When you resize an activation box from the UML shape library, the connecting line will no longer move in tandem with the box. Instead, the line will stay where you originally placed it. Input fields are essentially headers and footers. Highlighted or selected text can be transformed into an input field by clicking “Insert” and selecting your choice of input options. Choices include date & time, document name, page number, and so on.

G Suite integration

Do you realize how easy it is to integrate Lucidchart with your G Suite domain? Take a look! Once you integrate, adding and managing users is quick and easy. If you’re already using Lucidchart for G Suite, we hope you’re enjoying the experience. Would you be willing to take a moment and write a short review of Lucidchart on the Google Apps Marketplace? This will help us maintain our 5 star rating and give valuable information to those who need it.


We hope these new options will make diagramming even simpler for you! Please feel free to reach out with feedback, and as always, thank you for choosing Lucidchart. - The Lucid Team