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We're happy to announce a major upgrade to Lucidchart that took place last night!

New servers, new home

First and foremost, Lucidchart has moved to a new home! It's now hosted in an environment that will allow us to grow quickly to support untold millions of users. It will also allow us to make much more frequent and reliable backups. In fact, all your documents will now be backed up to multiple data centers on an hourly basis!

Basic Subscriptions

Next, there is a new paid subscription level at only $20/year per user. It's called a Basic subscription, and provides the most-requested features of our Team subscription (removing watermarks from PDFs and images, more storage space, etc), without the expense of some of the more corporate-oriented features like SSL encryption for all connections. 

Software Updates

You'll find a handful of important updates in Lucidchart's software itself:

  • Document tagging - Organize and find documents quickly and easily.
  • Share documents easier - The Share panel in the Lucidchart editor has been redone at the request of many of our users. People you have invited to work on a document are now listed along with the people who have already accepted those invitations. You can even edit or cancel open invitations.
  • Real-time collaboration fixes - Real-time collaboration was one of the most requested features of Lucidchart, and was an instant hit. However, a few of you encountered problems with our initial release. We've worked with many of you to track down these problems, and we're confident this release will make your real-time collaboration speedier and more stable than ever.