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Lucidchart is happy to announce another great update!

In this release, we've added perhaps the most-requested new feature: You now have the option of using Times or Helvetica fonts for part or all of your diagrams. You can set the default font for a document in the Properties tab, in the Document section.

You'll notice a new feature in the flowchart and org chart editor that makes drawing diagrams even faster than before. When you draw a new line out of a block on your page, it prompts you right there what you'd like to add as the next block in your diagram. (If this drives you crazy, you can turn it off in Edit->Preferences).

Since our last release announcement, we've made several improvements to the Properties panel that should make working with your documents easier. Just click Properties near the upper-right of the window to open the panel.

Safari users will probably also notice a big performance improvement.