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Lucidchart is your universal tools or everything in UML diagramming. Check out our UML features:

Taking the same approach to UML as we do for everything, we made creating UML diagrams as simple as possible. Lucidchart is simply the smoothest UML modeling tool ever.

  • Linking - Linking just got a whole lot better. Now you can select any object and make it a link for internal pages AND external sites. Select any one block (it doesn't even have to be an Off-Page-Link block), and click the Link icon in the option bar near the top of the screen. You can link to another page within the document, or to any URL. The links even work in PDFs when you print/export to PDF.
  • Line attachment - Lines can now attach anywhere on another line as easily as they attach anywhere on a shape.Text on lines. Just double-click on any line to add more text. There's no limit to the number of text areas you can attach to a line, and you can just click and drag to move the text along the length of the line.