new mobile features

2016 Feature Review: Mobile

Reading time: about 4 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

With Lucidchart, we’re proud to offer a diagramming solution that works across platforms—even mobile devices. And, in 2016, we’ve updated our iOS solutions and added some Android solutions to make it even easier for you to diagram on the go. Check out our mobile year in review.

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lucidchart integrations

2016 Feature Review: Integrations

Reading time: about 4 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

This year, Lucidchart has released six new integrations that we are thrilled to present to you. Take a look to see how they can make your work better.

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How to build a project network diagram

What Your Boss Would Like to Know About Project Network Diagrams

Reading time: about 4 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

Project network diagrams allow PMs to summarize their plans in one visual that can be easily digested and understood. Learn how to make one here.

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how to write a project charter

How to Write a Winning Project Charter

Reading time: about 6 min

Posted by: Lucid Content Team

As you put together your project charter contents, you’ll likely have questions of your own, particularly if your company doesn’t offer a standard form or template to fill out. Find the answers to the most common questions below, and learn how to create a project charter that wows your stakeholders.

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emergency diagnosis algorithms

How I Use Lucidchart to Diagnose Patients and Train New Doctors

Reading time: about 3 min

Posted by: Tom Fadial

Today’s blog post was written by Tom Fadial, MD. On Twitter, Tom mentioned that he used Lucidchart in a unique way: to create nearly 100 emergency algorithms that create a systematic approach for evaluating and managing a patient’s diagnosis. We were excited that Lucidchart could play a part in administering care and training medical students, and we asked him to tell us and our readers more about this project.

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