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Ultimate Guide to Project Management Methodologies

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As a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. From project planning and budgeting to coordinating between teams and stakeholders, much depends on project managers to get a project to the finish line while mitigating risks and ensuring the right deliverables come out of it, too. 

Is the project management methodology you’re using helping you do that to the best of your abilities?

Whether you’re new to project management or you’re experienced and looking to up your game, here’s a quick and easy guide to figure out which project management methodology is right for you, your team, and your project. 

Start at the top of the flowchart, answer the questions, and follow the arrows to your new project management methodology. We’ve included links to additional information on each methodology at the end of the post.

guide to project management methodologies

Select your chosen methodology below to learn more.

Adaptive Project Framework
Benefit Project Management (coming soon)
Critical Chain Method
Critical Path Method
Event Chain Methodology (coming soon)
Extreme Programming
Lean Six Sigma
PRiSM (coming soon)
Process-Based Project Management (coming soon)
Six Sigma

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