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Unprecedented speed

Makers of complex diagrams, rejoice! The latest release of Lucidchart has made working with large documents tens or even hundreds of times faster than before!

Full-text search

There is now a search box on your My Documents page that lets you perform full-text searches across all your documents. If you enter more than one word to search for, you'll find all the documents with any one of those words in its title or contents. If you'd like to require words, you can put a + (plus) in front of them. If you would like to exclude documents with a word in them, put a - (minus) in front.

For instance, to search for all your documents that had the words "pizza" or "lasagna" in them, but not "recipe", you'd search for: pizza lasagna -recipe To find all your documents that have both the words "server" and "client" in them, you'd search for: +server +client

Public discussion forums

If you have a Lucidchart account, free or paid, you now have access to public discussion forums. Just click "Forums" in the upper-right of almost any page on Lucidchart. With your input, these forums will help guide the future development of Lucidchart. If you're interested in having a new feature implemented, or if you have a bug to report, you're most likely to be heard on these forums.

Other updates

Speaking of responding to community feedback, here are a few items you may notice in this release:

  • Some users complained that it was difficult to drag around blocks that were nearly filled with text. You can now hold down Alt and click anywhere on a block to drag it.
  • You can now delete your custom images by right-clicking them in the toolbox and selecting "Delete Image".
  • When dragging blocks around a page, you have always had guidelines appear showing that the block was aligned with other blocks on the page. We've added those same guidelines for the middle of the page, vertically and horizontally.
  • Printing a page (or portion of a page) to image or PDF now gives you a dialog allowing you to change the quality/size of the image.