Apache and IIS Under One Domain

by Jonathan Windle
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  • Apache and IIS Under One Domain
  • Apache and IIS Under One Domain
  • Apache and IIS Under One Domain
  • Apache and IIS Under One Domain

Jonathan Windle // 01/30/2011 2:00 PM
Diagram showing network topology and packet flow for a completely Open Source High Availability load balancer configuration allowing multiple types of web servers to share one domain name as well as a single storage source.
Piyush Saxena // 02/11/2011 5:04 AM
Can you change the title to HTTP Server Combo or Turbo or Domain One or something more relevant, actually, Love is completely unrelated to your Document, I am completely surprised, how come such documents, don't get good ratings, whereas, Documents like Lucid Art get 60+ Ratings.
Lucid Chart // 02/11/2011 11:51 AM
How do you plan to implement it, do you have any strategy on this Project !!!!
Jonathan Windle // 02/12/2011 11:54 PM
Piyush: Thanks for your appreciation of my document. I think you are correct and I should probably be more literal with the title of my document so I updated it. This should make it easier for people to find it.

Lucid Chart: I am scheduled to implement this at my work by the end of May. I'll probably switch to HA proxy if I can figure out their config file (it's a little more complex than Pound). I have already tested this config and it works really well. Both the test and final production implementation will be inside of a vSphere cluster, except for the iSCSI controller which is an Sun 7410 Unified Storage clustered setup.

I'm also trying to replace Apache with Nginx whenever possible due to Nginx's amazing responsiveness and low resource profile. Our final web server selection will probably be a mix of Nginx, Apache, IIS, and Tomcat.

My workplace is currently in transition from being a total Microsoft shop to a mixed platform setup, as there are obvious benefits to having access to the wide array of Free Open Source Software. As the Web Server Administrator this is the solution I came up with to avoid bouncing our end users back and forth across different sub-domains for web applications running on different platforms.

The other thing I like about this configuration that is not well demonstrated in the document is because the storage is centralized the web development team have only one sftp server to manage both their ASP.NET apps and their PHP apps. It makes it really simple for everyone.

I'm really glad I finally got some comments on this. I was beginning to think I posted something that was a little to much over everyones head, or something people just didn't care about.