Activity Diagram for Hotel Management System (UML)

Activity diagram for library management system (UML)

You can summarize complex process by creating a UML activity diagram. These diagrams have a wide variety of applications, from banking to libraries to hotel management.

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UML Activity Diagram Example: Hotel Management System

This activity diagram uses UML to show the process of booking a hotel room with a credit card. This is only one example of a potential activity diagram for hotel management systems: from housekeeping to concierge services, there are many complex processes to map out. Using Lucidchart as your activity diagram editor ensures that you can edit your diagram later, share it with colleagues, and apply high-quality visual themes to your flowchart.

Hotel Management System Activity Diagram Template

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UML Activity Diagram for Hotel Management System


More Activity Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a system for organizing multi-step processes into a visual flow. Activity diagrams can be used for hospital management systems, online and traditional banking, and the process of checking out a book from the library. Create professional-looking UML diagrams — activity diagrams, use case charts, and class diagrams — using Lucidchart. Read on for additional activity diagram templates created in Lucidchart:

Activity diagram examples

Banking activity diagram example

This activity diagram maps out the process of withdrawing from or depositing into your bank account. Both processes are similar from a security standpoint, and thus can be represented on a single diagram. In both cases the balance is updated.

See our banking activity diagram example in full here.

Activity diagram examples

Login activity diagram example

This UML activity diagram shows the process of logging on to a website — a very common workflow for even the most casual Internet user! In Lucidchart, it’s easy to add or take away steps in the process shown here.

See our login activity diagram example in full here.

Activity diagram examples

ATM system diagram example

Withdrawing cash from an ATM may seem like a straightforward process; however, from authenticating the account holder to selecting an allowable amount (usually multiples of $20), there are many steps to plan for.

See our ATM system activity diagram example in full here.

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