Activity Diagram for Library Management System (UML)

Activity diagram for library management system (UML)

Activity diagrams are the perfect tool for mapping processes and workflows. You can use UML flowcharts to create an activity diagram for a library management system.

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UML Activity Diagram Example: Library Management System

This chart shows the flow of checking out a book from your local library. From inquiring about a book’s availability to taking it home, there are several steps along the way. Lucidchart differs from other diagramming tools in offering specific UML templates, including activity diagrams. Different container types—swimlanes, activities, and end states—let you seamlessly use the conventions of UML activity diagrams. Real-time collaboration and publishing to the Web help you work with others to refine your projects.

Library Management System Activity Diagram Template

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Activity Diagram for Library Management System Template

More Activity Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Activity diagrams visually represent complex processes. In UML, activity diagrams model processes specific to computers (like library information systems) and business workflows (like hospital management). When you make your activity diagrams in Lucidchart, you get UML-specific containers, connectors, and swimlanes. Get inspired with the following UML activity diagram examples:

Activity diagram examples

Library management activity diagram example

To see another library management activity diagram, open this example. This image maps out the steps that the patron and librarian need to take to reserve a book.

Activity diagram examples

ATM system activity diagram example

This activity diagram shows the steps of withdrawing cash from an ATM, from authenticating the account holder to dispensing money. You can customize any Lucidchart activity diagram template.

See our ATM system activity diagram example in full here.

Activity diagram examples

Hospital management activity diagram example

This template models the check-in process for a patient and receptionist at a hospital. Using a UML activity diagram clarifies the workflow for hospital managers.

See our hospital management activity diagram example in full here.

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