Activity Diagram for Online Shopping System (UML)

Activity diagram for online shopping system (UML)

In UML, activity diagrams are used for mapping out processes and workflows. Check out this example of an activity diagram that charts an online shopping system.

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UML Activity Diagram Example: Online Shopping System

This chart shows the flow of an online shopping experience, from browsing the store to checking out your cart. Activity diagrams for online shopping systems are a common homework assignment, and Lucidchart makes it easy to create and share activity diagrams. Our app offers every symbol and connector that you'll need, and publishing to web or desktop is simple. You can even collaborate with fellow students or colleagues, since Lucidchart supports seamless real-time collaboration.

Online Shopping System Activity Diagram Template

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UML Activity Diagram for Online Shopping System

More Activity Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Activity diagrams are graphical representations of complicated process flows and workflows. In the Unified Modeling Language, activity diagrams can function as models for both computer- and business-oriented routines. Lucidchart provides a robust library of symbols and connectors, along with advanced styling options. See the examples below for inspiration!

Activity diagram examples

Shopping activity diagram example

Open this example to see another activity diagram that details a shopping flow. This image maps out the steps that the customer, store agent, and company system must take in order to complete the sale.

Activity diagram examples

Airport check-in activity diagram example

Click here for a basic activity diagram that represents the steps of airport check-in, from verifying a reservation to printing a boarding pass. It's easy to turn this or another example into an editable template.

Activity diagram examples

Ticket-selling activity diagram example

This template models the flow of a ticket-selling process with swimlanes and activity diagram symbols. The reader will quickly grasp how the buyer, ticket seller, and event organizer work together.

For easy-to-make UML diagrams, including state and activity diagrams, Lucidchart is a great choice. Use our drag-and-drop interface to create your chart, then export it to a variety of file formats. Get started for free—no plugins or download required.

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