Graph API (Beta)

API Graph

A third party can request information about all of the blocks, lines, connections, and text fields. No styling information will be returned. This API is in beta.

Any custom shape created or renamed after July 8th, 2013 will have a <customName> attribute as well

URL<document id>

OAuth parameters



    customName (if present)
    text (if present)
    link (if present)
    field (if present)
      text (if present)
      line (if connected to line)
      block (if connected to block)
      * see endpoint1


     <text>Off-Page Link</text>
     <text>right here</text>


Client side debugging

To see what the graph API will give you from a server side call, without having to make a server call, you can open a document in Chrome, open the javascript console (ctrl+shift+j) and type:


This will output an XML string of the graph data for the selected blocks and lines, or if none are selected it will output the state of the entire document.

Shape library textarea keys


Process Text
Decision Text
Terminator Text
Predefined Process Text
Document Text
Multiple Documents Text
Manual Input Text
Preparation Text
Data (I/O) Text
Database Text
Direct Access Storage (Hard Disk) Text
Internal Storage Text
Paper Tape Text
Manual Operation Text
Delay Text
Stored Data Text
Merge Text
Connector Text
Display Text
Off-Page Link Text
Note Text
Swim Lane Lane_##

Geometric Shapes

Isosceles Triangle Text
Right Triangle Text
Pentagon Text
Hexagon Text
Octagon Text
Cross Text
Right Arrow Text
Cloud Text
Heart Text
Star Text
Left Arrow Text
Up Arrow Text
Down Arrow Text
Callout Tip

Entity Relationship

ERD Entity Block Name, Field[row#]
ERD Entity Block 2 Name, Key[row#],Field[row#]
ERD Entity Block 3 Name, Field[row#], Type[row#]
ERD Entity Block 4 Name, Key[row#], Field[row#], Type[row#]


Class Title, Text1, Text2
Active Class Text
Simple Class Title, Text1, Text2
Interface Title, Text1, Text2
Simple Interface Title, Text1, Text2
Multiplicity Text
Package Title, Text
Constraint Text
Note Text
Text Text
Actor Text
Use Case Text, ExtensionPoints, ExtensionPointLabel
Use Case(w/ Extension Points) Text, ExtensionPoints, ExtensionPointLabel
Oval Container  
Rectangle Container Text
Option Loop Title, Text
State/Activity State, Action
Horizontal Fork/Join  
Vertical Fork/Join  
Flow Final  
History Pseudostate  
Object Text
Send Signal Text
Receive Signal Text
UML Object Text
Alternative Title, Text, Else
Entity Text
Boundary Text
Control Text
Component Text
Node Text
UML Node Text
UML Node Instance Text
Weak Entity Text
Attribute Text
Multi-valued Attribute Text
Relationship Text
Weak Relationship Text

BPMN 2.0

Task Text
Transaction Text
Event Sub-Process Text
Call Activity Text
Start Event Text
Intermediate Event Text
End Event Text
Choreography Participant1, Name, TaskName
Conversation Text
Gateway Text
Data Object Text, Title
Data Store Text
Pool (White Box) MainText, Lane_0, Lane_1
Pool (Black Box) Text

Data Flow

External Entity Text
Process Text
YDMDFDDataStore Text
Process Number, Text
Process Text
Data Store Number, Text
Data Store Text

Org Charts

Org Chart Name, Role, Phone, Email

Value Stream

Customer/Supplier Text
Dedicated Process Title, Text
Shared Process Text, Resource
Workcell Text
Data Cell Cell_1, Cell_2, Cell_3
Inventory Text
Supermarket Cell_1, Cell_2, Cell_3
Physical Pull  
FIFO Lane  
Safety/Buffer Stock Cell_1, Cell_2, Cell_3
External Shipment Airplane Text
External Shipment Forklift Text
External Shipment Truck Text
External Shipment Boat  
Production Control Title, Resources
Other Information Text
Heijyunka Box Title, Text1, Text2
Sequenced Pull Ball  
Load Leveling  
Go See  
Go See Production Text
Verbal Information  
Kaizen Burst Text
Operator Text
Timeline tw_1, tw_2, TotalVA, TotalNVA
Quality Problem Text
Production Kanban Text
Production Kanban Batch Text
Withdrawal Kanban Text
Withdrawal Kanban Batch Text
Signal Kanban Text
Kanban Post  
Shipment Arrow Text
Push Arrow  
Electronic Information Arrow Title

AWS Architecture

Amazon EC2 Title, Text
Instance Title, Text
Instances Title
AMI Title
DB on Instance Title
Instance with CloudWatch Title
Elastic IP Title
Amazon Elastic MapReduce Title
Cluster Title
HDFS Cluster Title
Auto Scaling Title
S3 Bucket Title, Text
Bucket Title, Text
Bucket with Objects Title
Object Title, Text
AWS Import/Export Title
AWS Storage Gateway Service Title
EBS Title, Text
Volume Title, Text
Snapshot Title, Text
Amazon CloudFront Title
Download Distribution Title
Streaming Distribution Title
Edge Location Title
Amazon CloudWatch Title
Alarm Title
Elastic Load Balancer Title
AWS Direct Connect Title
Amazon Route 53 Title, Text
Hosted Zone Title, Text
Route Table Title, Top, Middle, Bottom
VPC Title
VPN Connection Title
VPN Gateway Title
Customer Gateway Title
Internet Gateway Title
Router Title
Amazon SimpleDB Title
Domain Title
Item Title
Items Title
Attribute Title
Attributes Title
Relational Database Title, Text
RDS DB Instance Title
RDS DB Intance Standby (Multi-AZ) Title
RDS DB Instance Read Replica Title
Oracle DB Instance Title
MySQL DB Instance Title
Amazon DynamoDB Title
Table Title
Amazon ElastiCache Title
Email Title
Simple Notification Title
Topic Text, Title
Email Notification Title
HTTP Notification Title
Simple Queue Service Title
Queue Title
Message Title
Decider Title
Worker Title
Template Title
Stack Title
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Title
Application Title
Amazon Mechanical Turk Title
Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT) Title
Assignment/Task Title
Workers Title
Requester Title
AWS Cloud Title
User Title
Users Title
Client Title
Mobile Client Title
Multimedia Title
Corporate Data Center Title
Traditional Server Title
Internet Title
AWS Management Console Title
IAM Add-on Title
Example: IAM Add-on Title
Subnet Title
Auto Scaling Container Title
Availability Zone Title
Region Container Title
Security Group Container Title
Elastic Beanstalk Container Title
EC2 Instance Container Title
Subnet Container Title
VPC Container Title
AWS Cloud Container Title
Corporate Data Center Container Title
Server Contents Title

Cisco Network Icons

Androgenous Person Title
ATM Switch Title
Cloud Title
Fileserver Title
firewall Title
generic building Title
laptop Title
lock Title
microwebserver Title
pc Title
pda Title
phone Title
printer Title
relational database Title
router Title
standing man Title
standing woman Title
ups Title
wireless router Title
100baset hub Title
10700 Title
10GE_FCoE Title
15200 Title
3174 (desktop) Title
3200 mobile access router Title
3x74 (floor) Title
6700 series Title
7500ars (7513) Title
Access gateway Title
Accesspoint Title
Ace Title
ACS Title
Adm Title
Antenna Title
Asic Processor Title
ASR 1000 Series Title
Ata Title
Atm 3800 Title
Atm Fast Gigabit Etherswitch Title
Atm Router Title
Atm Tag Switch Router Title
Avs Title
AXP Title
Bbfw Media Title
Bbfw Title
Bbsm Title
Branch Office Title
Breakout Box Title
Bridge Title
Broadband Router Title
Bts 10200 Title
Cable Modem Title
Callmanager Title
Car Title
Carrier Routing System Title
Cddi-fddi Title
Cdm Title
Cellular Phone Title
Centri Firewall Title
Cisco 1000 Title
Cisco Asa 5500 Title
Cisco Ca Title
Cisco File Engine Title
Cisco Hub Title
Ciscosecurity Title
Cisco Telepresence Manager Title
Cisco Unified Presence Server Title
Cisco Unityexpress Title
Ciscoworks Title
Class 4_5 Switch Title
Communications Server Title
Contact Center Title
Content Engine (Cache Director) Title
Content Service Router Title
Content Service Switch 1100 Title
Content Switch Module Title
Content Switch Title
Content Transformation Engine (Cte) Title
Cs-mars Title
Csm-s Title
Csu_dsu Title
CUBE Title
Detector Title
Director-Class Fibre Channel Director Title
Directory Server Title
Diskette Title
Distributed Director Title
Dot-dot Title
Dpt Title
Dslam Title
Dual Mode ap Title
Dwdm Filter Title
End Office Title
Fax Title
Fc Storage Title
Fddi Ring Title
Fibre Channel Disk Subsystem Title
Fibre ChanneL Fabric Switch Title
File Cabinet Title
File Server Title
Firewall Service Module (fwsm) Title
Front End Processor Title
Gatekeeper Title
General Appliance Title
Generic gateway Title
Generic Processor Title
Generic Softswitch Title
Gigabit Switch Atm Tag Router Title
Government Building Title
Ground Terminal Title
Guard Title
Handheld Title
Hootphone Title
Host Title
Hp Mini Title
H Title
Hub Title
Iad Router Title
IBM Mainframe Title
IBM Mini as400 Title
IBM Tower Title
Icm Title
Ics Title
Intelliswitch Stack Title
iOS Firewall Title
IP Communicator Title
IP Dsl Title
IP Phone Title
IP Title
IPTC Title
IP Telephony Router Title
IPTV Server Title
ISCSI Router Title
ISDN Switch Title
ITP Title
JBOD Title
Key Title
Keys Title
Lan To Lan Title
Layer 2 Remote Switch Title
Layer 3 Switch Title
Lightweight AP Title
Localdirector Title
Longreach CPE Title
Macintosh Title
Mac Woman Title
Man_Woman Title
Mas Gateway Title
MAU Title
MCU Title
MDU Title
ME 1100 Title
Mediator Title
meetingplace Title
Mesh AP Title
Metro 1500 Title
MGX 8000 Multiservice Switch Title
Microphone Title
Mini VAX Title
Mobile Access IP Phone Title
Mobile Access Router Title
Modem Title
Moh Server Title
MSE Title
Multiswitch Device Title
Multi-Fabric Server Switch Title
Multilayer Remote Switch Title
MUX Title
MXE Title
Nac Appliance Title
NCE Title
NCE Router Title
Netflow Router Title
Netranger Title
Netsonar Title
Network Management Title
Nexus 1000 Title
Nexus 2000 Title
Nexus 5000 Title
Nexus 7000 Title
Octel Title
Ons15500 Title
Optical Amplifier Title
Optical Services Router Title
Optical Transport Title
Pad Title
Pad X Title
Page Icon Title
PBX Title
PBX Switch Title
PC Adapter Card Title
PC Man Title
PC Routercard Title
PC Software Title
PC Video Title
Phone_fax Title
Pix Firewall Title
PMC Title
Programmable Switch Title
Protocol Translator Title
PXF Title
Radio Tower Title
Ratemux Title
Repeater Title
RF Modem Title
Router_Firewall Title
Routerin Building Title
Router With Silicon Switch Title
Route Switch Processor Title
Rpsrps Title
Running Man Title
Satellite Dish Title
Satellite Title
Scanner Title
Server Switch Title
Server with Router Title
Service Control Title
Service Module Title
Service Router Title
Services Title
Set Top Box Title
Simulitlayer Switch Title
SIP Proxy Werver Title
Sitting Woman Title
Small Business Title
Small Hub Title
Softphone Title
Softswitch PGW MGC Title
Software Based Server Title
Space Router Title
Speaker Title
SSC Title
SSL Terminator Title
Standard Host Title
STB Title
Storage Router Title
Storage Server Title
STP Title
Streamer Title
Sun Workstation Title
Supercomputer Title
SVX Title
System Controller Title
Tablet Title
Tape Array Title
TDM Router Title
Telecommuter House PC Title
Telecommuter House Title
Telecommuter Icon Title
Telepresence 1000 Title
Telepresence 3000 Title
Telepresence 3200 Title
Telepresence 500 Title
Terminal Title
Token Title
TP MCU Title
Transpath Title
Truck Title
Turret Title
TV Title
Ubr910 Title
UMG Series Title
Unity Server Title
Universal Gateway Title
University Title
UPC Title
Vault Title
Video Camera Title
VIP Title
Virtual Layer Switch Title
Virtual Switch COntroller (VSC3000) Title
Voice Atm Switch Title
Voice Commserver Title
Voice Router Title
Voice Switch Title
VPN Concentrator Title
VPN Gateway Title
VSS Title
Wae Title
Wavelength Router Title
Web Browser Title
Web Cluster Title
Wi-Fi Tag Title
Wireless Bridge Title
Wireless Location Appliance Title
Wireless Title
Wireless Transport Title
Wism Title
Wlan Controller Title
Workgroup Director Title
Workgroup Switch Title
Workstation Title
www Server Title

Network Infrastructure

PC Title
Virtual PC Title
Terminal Title
Data Type Title
Slate Device Title
Tablet Device Title
Laptop Device Title
PDA Title
CRT Monitor Title
LCD Monitor Title
A/B Switch Title
Repeater Title
Diagnostic Device Title
Card Reader Title
Patch Panel Title
Radio Tower Title
Biometric Reader Title
External Hard Drive Title
Web Service Title
Fiber Optic Title
Satellite Dish Title
Satellite Title
VoIP Phone Title
PBX Title
MLPS Title
Wireless Access Point Title
Ring Network Title
Ethernet Title
Server Title
External Media Drive Title
Mainframe Title
Router Title
Switch Title
Firewall Title
User Title
Comm-Link Title
Super Computer Title
Virtual Server Title
Printer Title
Plotter Title
Scanner Title
Coper Title
Fax Machine Title
Multi Function Machine Title
Projector Title
Projector Screen Title
Bridge Title
Hub Title
Modem Title
Telephone Title
Cell Phone Title
Smart Phone Title
Video Phone Title
Camera Title
Video Camera Title

Server Rack Diagrams

Server Rack Text
Blank Slot Text
RAID Array Text
Server Text
Ethernet Switch Text
Patch Panel Text
Router Text
Monitor Text
Slideout Keyboard Text
Power Strip Text
Power Supply Text
Bridge Text
Tape Drive Text

Tech Clipart

Server Title
File Server Title
Net Server Title
Net Server (Large) Title
RAID Device Title
Large RAID Device Title
Server Rack Title
Tape Backup Rack Title
Small Printer Title
Large Printer Title
Large-Format Printer Title
Router Title
Wireless Router Title
UPS Title
2.0 Speakers Title
Slide Scanner Title
2.1 Speakers Title
5.1 Speakers Title
LCD Monitor Title
PDA Title
Memory Card Reader Title
Camcorder Title
Headset Title
Calculator Title
Flatbed Scanner Title
Photo Printer Title
Photo Scanner Title
Projector Title
External Drive (Firewire) Title
External Drive (USB) Title
External Modem Title
External TV Tuner Title
MP3 Player Title
External Sound Card (Box) Title
Wide-Screen LCD Title
2.0 Speakers Title
2.1 Speakers Title
5.1 Speakers Title
Record Player Title
Headset Title

Circuit Diagrams

Amplifier Title
Operational Amplifier Title
Controlled Amplifier Title
Capacitor 1 Title
Capacitor 2 Title
Resistor Title
Variable Resistor Title
Potentiometer Title
Protective Earth  
Signal Ground  
_Inductor Title
_Variable Inductor Title
2-Way Switch  
On/Off Switch  
IC Pin0, Pin1, Pin2,..., Title
AC Voltage Source Title
Voltage Source Title
Current Source Title
Controlled Current Source Title
Controlled Current Source Title
Controlled Voltage Source Title
DC Voltage Source 1 Title
DC Voltage Source 2 Title
VSS Title
JFET P-Channel  
JFET N-Channel  
MOSFET P-Channel 1  
MOSFET P-Channel 2  
MOSFET P-Channel 3  
MOSFET N-Channel 1  
MOSFET N-Channel 2  
MOSFET N-Channel 3  
Single Pole Single Throw (SPST)  
Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)  
Double Pole Single Throw (DPST)  
Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)  
D Type RS Flip Flop  
D Type Flip Flop  
D Type Flip Flop With Clear  
RS Latch  
Synchronous RS Latch  
T Type Flip Flop  
Inverter Contact  
Sine Wave  
Square Wave  

Mind Mapping

Mind Map Node Text

Process Engineering

Agitator or Mixer  
Air Cooled Exchanger  
Diesel Motor  
Double Flow Turbine  
Double Pipe Heat  
Vessel Text
Open Tank Text
Closed Tank Text
Storage Sphere Text
Column Text
Bag Text
Gas Cylinder Text
Gas Holder Text
Clarifier Text
Tank Text
Tray Column Text
Reaction Vessel Text
Boiler Text
Condenser Text
Cooling Tower Text
Heat Exchanger Text
Ejector/Injector Text
Compressor/Turbine Text
Motor Driven Turbine Text
Triple Fan Blades Text
Fan Blades Text
Centrifugal Pump Text
Gate Valve Text
Butterfly Valve Text
Ball Valve Text