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API Visio

Visio Import

Import a Visio file and receive a URL to view that document in Lucidchart. On a successful import, the service returns a status of 200 with a JSON body containing the URL to the viewer. This resource requires a 2-legged (aka Signed Fetch) OAuth signature.




The request body should be multipart/form-data with the following fields:

  • file - Visio file to be imported

  • name - File name

  • reg_level - Optional registration level to use if user signs up for a Lucidchart account while viewing the document. Defaults to "professional". Valid values are:

    • free

    • professional

    • team-5



curl -v -X POST -F reg_level=professional -F visio=@/home/foo/Documents/flowchart.vsd -F name=flowchart.vsd






If a request error occurs, a 400 status is returned. A server error results in a 500 status. A JSON body is included with "code" and "message" fields giving more information about the error.


{"status":400,"code":"UNSUPPORTED_FILE_TYPE","message":"Unsupported file type"}


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