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API Visio

Visio Import

Import a Visio file and receive a URL to view that document in Lucidchart. On a successful import, the service returns a status of 200 with a JSON body containing the URL to the viewer. This resource requires a 2-legged (aka Signed Fetch) OAuth signature.




The request body should be multipart/form-data with the following fields:

  • file - Visio file to be imported

  • name - File name

  • reg_level - Optional registration level to use if user signs up for a Lucidchart account while viewing the document. Defaults to "professional". Valid values are:

    • free

    • professional

    • team-5



curl -v -X POST -F reg_level=professional -F visio=@/home/foo/Documents/flowchart.vsd -F name=flowchart.vsd






If a request error occurs, a 400 status is returned. A server error results in a 500 status. A JSON body is included with "code" and "message" fields giving more information about the error.


{"status":400,"code":"UNSUPPORTED_FILE_TYPE","message":"Unsupported file type"}


Notice: Moving forward you’ll find information on our current APIs on the new API documentation page, under the legacy section. It’s in the legacy section because we are actively improving our APIs and will release new versions in the future. You can continue using our current APIs and will receive substantial notice before any updates are made.

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