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Lucidchart features powerful, unlimited integrations with Confluence, JIRA and HipChat. Unlike other companies who charge per instance, Lucidchart's add-ons are free with team and enterprise subscriptions.

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Users can share their diagrams with public HipChat rooms or individual Hipchat users from Lucidchart's Share dialog. Posting processes, workflows, and ideas back to HipChat is a great way to enhance discussions and share knowledge.

Only Lucidchart syncs across Confluence, JIRA, and HipChat, opening new opportunities for capturing and sharing knowledge via Atlassian. Easily document ideas visually in HipChat then seamlessly embed in Confluence for future reference or attach to JIRA issues to take action.

HipChat users can now use the /lucidchart command to instantly create and share diagrams for quick and easy collaboration. Just type /lucidchart in any HipChat room, and we'll post a link in that room to a new diagram that anyone on your team can edit.

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Lucidchart features a web-based integration with both Confluence Cloud and Server that lets users make, edit, and embed diagrams within the wiki environment. Looking for a solution behind the firewall? There's also an onpremises edition available.

The flexible licensing plan lets you add more users at any time and distinguish between paid team members and view-only users. Plus, Lucidchart's free integrations don't stop with Confluence. It's also compatible with G Suite, Jive, MS Office, and JIRA.

You'll never be charged an additional fee to integrate with JIRA for Cloud and Server. Use it in combination with our Confluence instance to access all of your diagrams in one convenient location.

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This seamless JIRA integration lets you attach diagrams directly to issues for easy communication across your team. You can even use Lucidchart's presentation mode to attach slide decks to issues.

Like our Confluence integration, Lucidchart also has superior collaboration options, including revision history, in-editor chat, and commenting with @name mentioning.

Trusted by over 4 million users, Lucidchart is the default solution for diagramming in Atlassian, no matter what your business needs.

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