AWS Architecture Import

Mapping out an AWS network is easy with Lucidchart's AWS import tool. Whether you're making the transition to the cloud, meeting PCI compliance, or just putting together a visual reference for your team, Lucidchart can help.

Import your AWS architecture

Direct import

Save time by importing your AWS architecture directly into Lucidchart. To get started, just enter your AWS credentials or run a bash script. Imported data will include the appropriate shape type, name, and relationship between components.

Draw your network

Click a node to reveal all of its connected components, then click again to add any one of them to your cloud computing diagram. Alternatively, you can browse and filter your imported list of components and drag them onto the canvas one by one.

Transition to the cloud

Moving from on-prem services to the cloud can be challenging, particularly as your AWS infrastructure evolves to become more complex. Explore your architecture with Lucidchart’s AWS import tool to keep track of every connection.

Comply with ease

Worried about AWS PCI compliance? Lucidchart lets you plot out the relevant portions of your AWS environment in a matter of minutes. When things change, update the diagram with just a few clicks.

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