Business Process Modeling Software

In business, communication is everything. Lucidchart has everything you need to keep your business process models clear, current, and useful.

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Business process modeling tools

Lucidchart's business process modeling software allows companies to quickly model the processes at the heart of their business and discover inefficiencies.

Make a Process Map

Business process model maker

To create a model of your business process, simply drag-and-drop ready-made or custom BPMN symbols and shapes onto a blank canvas. Then, click and drag to connect shapes, and stylize the resulting lines with another click.

More Features

Business process modeling software

Lucidchart is collaborative BPMN software. It works on PC or Mac, and team members can work on a single business process model at the same time, no matter where they are.

More Features

BPMN online

With its robust BPMN editor, Lucidchart is the BPMN tool you need to plan new, efficient processes and explain them so others can understand your vision. When plans change, log in from anywhere to update your model.

More Features

BPMN tools

No matter what industry you're in, Lucidchart makes it easy to model the events, activities, gateways and more that make up your business, all in the best possible sequence.

  • Lucid Features

    Free and paid accounts

    Our BPMN modeler is available with a free account, but you can upgrade for additional features, including handy integrations and unlimited diagrams and shapes.
  • Lucid Features

    Integrated tool

    Lucidchart is designed to work wherever you do, so we've made it easy to import and export business process models to and from Visio. Lucidchart is your ultimate BPMN resource.
  • Lucid Features

    Share and collaborate

    Lucidchart integrates with G Suite, Atlassian tools, Slack, and more, so it's easier than ever to get everyone involved as you use our business modeling tool.
  • Lucid Features

    Publish online

    No matter who needs to see your business process model, you can make sure it shows up on all the right screens. Share, download, print, embed, or even publish your business process model.
Make a Process Map