Builtvisible’s client-focused operations require clear, fast-paced communication. Lucidchart provides a simple and collaborative way to brainstorm ideas, present work, and accept feedback.

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Key benefits

Builtvisible is able to easily create professional showing clients how to structure their websites and optimize their content.
Lucidchart allows Builtvisible to present well-formed ideas, plans, and samples to clients so they can understand the value the company provides for them.
The Builtvisible team can view, edit, and share their work in Lucidchart, without worrying about the compatibility of their operating system or device.


SIZESmall (1-100 employees)


Builtvisible delivers measurable impacts on the organic digital performance of the world’s most exciting brands. The agency provides services such as SEO, digital PR, content, and technical consulting.

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CEO of Builtvisible, Laura Lippay, knows that presenting well-formed ideas, plans, and samples to clients is essential to creating lasting relationships. Clients want to see and feel what they’re paying for, so an interactive tool with a simple user interface is invaluable. Builtvisible is a fast-growing company with offices in San Francisco and London, and their main goal is to “produce actionable and gorgeous work for our clients, helping us help them make the web a better place."

Such an ambitious goal has its challenges. In today’s world, online marketing involves a plethora of operating systems and devices. How does one pick the right tool—one that runs seamlessly on Mac, PC, or Linux, caters to new users and old hands, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? It’s ironic that a search expert like Laura isn’t sure.

But when Laura discovered Lucidchart, the product’s modern design, an easy-to-use interface, and robust features meant she was able to end her search for the perfect diagramming program.

“I truly don’t know how I heard about Lucidchart. But I’m so glad I did—I had gone through everything from the likes of Visio to Cacoo to OmniGraffle before finding Lucidchart. I’m never looking back.”

With Lucidchart, the Builtvisible team delivers the strategy that lays a foundation for optimized website content, structure, and of course, traffic. They regularly build and show off-site architecture that educates clients on how to structure their websites. Builtvisible also creates content wireframes that explain how to engage and convert searchers while providing optimized cross-linking to other relevant web pages. Conveniently, the team can always view, edit, and share their past and present work, simply by logging into Lucidchart.

Laura describes the benefits of working with Lucidchart for her team:

“Not only are there numerous shapes, but they’re sophisticated and well-designed. Our diagrams look clean, modern, and professional. Between the huge libraries of shapes, the ability to bring in images or icons from Google search, integrating videos, creating multiple tabs, collaboration capabilities, being able to download in various formats—there’s little that we can’t do with Lucidchart."

The Builtvisible team uses Lucidchart to effectively communicate with and create project plans for clients. Instead of wrestling with platform compatibility issues, the team can focus on creating high-quality, interactive work.

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