Curve Agency

Curve is a boutique UX firm that specializes in customized, mobile-friendly Drupal websites. Their team chose Lucidchart to execute user-centric design processes through wireframing, sitemap creation, and more.

COMPANY: Curve Agency Limited
INDUSTRY: Web development & design
CLIENTS INCLUDE: BBC, University of Bradford, Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth, University of Cambridge, NHS, Relate, and Bright Network

BUSINESS NEED: Curve is a web development and design firm based in Leeds, UK. Although their team is small—just 8 people—Curve has worked with a roster of prestigious clients in the public and private sectors. To demonstrate site design to their clients and to lead internal work on backend and frontend website maintenance, Curve needed an affordable, convenient diagramming application.

SOLUTION: Lucidchart provided an intuitive, highly shareable solution that unites the development and design work of Curve with the accessibility and promptness that clients crave.


Curve bills itself as “an agency of digital creatives”, and their work highlights the artistry behind the code. Although the team was creating beautiful, functional websites, the process behind the scenes wasn’t running as smoothly. Peter McClory, Curve’s Managing Director, said, “I realized that our current wireframing simply didn’t cut the mustard. Shortly following a company-wide move to G Suite, we investigated using the Google Drawings app for all our wireframing, which did seem like a logical choice. But it was too basic for our requirements, so we went back to the virtual drawing board (no pun intended), and hunted around a little more.”

Thus began the search for a better wireframing solution. Curve was looking for a software package that could accomplish 3 goals: provide a central location for all client documents, speed up the wireframing process, and keep things clear and comprehensible for clients.

Solution & Results

Mr. McClory and his teammates went on to compare a wide variety of wireframing tools. When they discovered Lucidchart, they ran it through the gauntlet to determine if it was easy to use and understand. Soon they were relying on the software to wireframe a slew of websites, which included the tasks of pulling together different versions of a site to accommodate various screen sizes and aspect ratios. They even utilized Lucidchart for charting sitemaps and plotting out frontend and backend user journeys through websites and web-based apps. After employing the software in a variety of functions, they realized that Lucidchart handily fulfilled their critical requirements.

Said Mr. McClory, “It suited our needs in terms of collaboration within the team, and offered fantastic flexibility for working with clients. The interface has a lot of similarities with other apps, and is very intuitive. Even the keyboard shortcuts have a lot of parallels with other core creative tools we use regularly (such as the Adobe Creative suite). The pricing and G Suite integration made it an easy decision to make and we have stuck with it ever since.”

Centralized storage

Because of its deep integration with G Suite, Lucidchart made an excellent repository for client documents—everything was safe, secure, and shareable. Mr. McClory explained, “All of our processes are UX-focussed and revolve around starting the discovery and analysis of a project with paper-prototyping and Lucidchart. The job bags start in Google Drive, and LucidChart's seamless integration across G Suite simply makes our team life a lot easier. It's just one of those things that once connected up is invisible, but when you look back and realize all of the problems it solves... well, we would have a lot more project pain without it.”

Faster work

Mr. McClory also said, “Lucidchart has definitely improved the speed of our wireframing process. For example, master pages are a huge time-saver—especially as the projects we’re involved in get larger and larger. Previously, even the smallest of changes would have meant additional trawling through all the pages to make sure they’re all kept consistent.” When the Curve team found themselves revamping their own website, they chose Lucidchart for wireframing. It provided a simple way for employees to comment on features and implement changes without countless status meetings.

Client communication

With Lucidchart, Curve’s staff members could communicate with clients in a clear, direct fashion. Mr. McClory explained, “Simple things like being able to link hotspots together on a wireframe and have these act like live buttons can go a long way to explaining a concept or design to a client. Previously we would have had to annotate them with fake notes directly on top, which helped, but wasn’t quite as effective as having the client interact with it themselves.”


Curve Agency used Lucidchart to plan and create more refined user experiences, which led to greater flexibility when collaborating with clients and reacting to feedback. Mr. McClory said, “This enables us to progress projects at a quick pace, which is always good for the typical project that has a launch requirement of ‘yesterday’!”

Our software is simple to learn and easy to manage. Collaborators will love the ease of team projects with Lucidchart, and you’ll appreciate the workweek hours returned to you—no need to troubleshoot when you’d rather be leading, working, and growing.

See for yourself why Curve and other top companies are making the switch to Lucidchart.