Trevor Bryant, senior network engineer at LogMeIn, oversees the network infrastructure of all the company’s North American offices. Lucidchart has provided a simple, collaborative way to maintain accurate network diagrams that document the setup of each office.

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LogMeIn, a SaaS company based in Boston, Massachusetts, offers remote connectivity services so users can access their work and IT professionals and technicians can provide support from anywhere. In July 2016, LogMeIn merged with Citrix’s line of collaborative products, including GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, and GoToWebinar.

Trevor Bryant, Senior Network Engineer at LogMeIn, oversees the network infrastructure of all the company’s North American offices. He creates network diagrams to discover, design, and document the setup of each office for faster planning and support. With Lucidchart, Trevor and his team make their network diagrams available on any operating system, anywhere in the world, from one central location.

Multi-platform solution

Trevor’s team is split between Mac and Windows users. Previously, Trevor and the other network engineers using Macs had to install a virtual machine to run their diagramming software, a troublesome and time-consuming workaround.

Lucidchart supports any web browser on all platforms—Mac, PC, and Linux. Better yet, Lucidchart doesn’t require any downloads. Upon signing in, users have immediate access to the latest version of this diagramming tool. The diagrams that Trevor needs to recall the setup of LogMeIn offices are now only a click away.

Central repository

Network diagrams help other engineers and IT professionals understand the network when Trevor is unavailable. Trevor needed a central location to store these diagrams, and he prefers Confluence so he can couple the diagram with other information.

Because Lucidchart integrates with Confluence, Trevor can embed his network diagrams easily into the applicable wiki for each office. No duplicate work of uploading diagrams again. No risk of outdated information.

Real-time collaboration

When Trevor started at LogMeIn, he noticed “spotty coverage” with the company’s existing documentation. Because diagramming used to take a lot of time and workarounds, many of the network diagrams were out of date, inconsistent, and incomplete.

Easy to use and access, Lucidchart has allowed LogMeIn to keep on top of their network diagrams. Employees around the world can set up network diagrams, share them, and adjust them, in real time, whenever changes occur in the office. LogMeIn also realized that, due to the low cost of Lucidchart, they could roll the diagramming tool out to more people and increase understanding throughout the company.

Tired of clunky diagrams and workarounds?

Opt instead for collaborative features and seamless integrations that anyone at your company can use, no matter the system they choose. Try Lucidchart.

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