From engineering to sales, MessageBird uses Lucidchart across their organization to facilitate collaboration and streamline communication among team members.

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MessageBird is a cloud communications platform offering a suite of SMS, Voice, Chat, and RCS APIs and solutions that enable businesses to communicate with their customers around the world. MessageBird works with companies of all sizes to provide them with the tools and expertise necessary to make communicating with customers as natural and easy as communicating with a friend. Their use cases include everything from SMS notifications and alerts to enriched conversations on WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and others to automating omnichannel communication workflows to providing the Voice infrastructure for call centers.

In order to effectively serve their 15,000+ customers and provide the communications solutions they need to be successful, MessageBird needs to run like a well-oiled machine—and that means streamlined communication and organization. They’ve found a secret to staying organized and communicating clearly, and (spoiler alert) that secret is Lucidchart.

From engineering to sales, MessageBird has embraced visual communication to facilitate collaboration and streamline communication among team members.

Across departments, MessageBird uses Lucidchart to create diagrams for organizational structures and process-related charts, including product development flows, customer journeys, company-wide and team-specific org charts, and more. Teams collaborate on these diagrams in real time until a final version is reached and then continue to use them throughout the duration of a given project.

MessageBird also uses Lucidchart as an onboarding tool, to help employees become familiar with company-wide and role-specific processes. Everyone on the team has access to Lucidchart and is encouraged to use it to make their organizational and process visions come to life.

“Lucidchart promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of our teams, but better yet, it just makes creating diagrams and flows more accessible, more intuitive, and more consistent throughout the company. It takes away the worry or concern that employees have when making something that needs to look good. It provides a consistent tool that everyone uses to quickly get their ideas out on paper or in front of an audience.”

From engineering to sales, working visually has proven to be the ticket to success for MessageBird.

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