North Carolina State University

Lucidchart is helping this school’s Biotechnology program reach greater heights with collaborative diagramming for complex processes.

SCHOOL: North Carolina State University
STUDENTS: 34,000+

PROGRAM GOALS: Provide opportunities for early-career life science/engineering professionals to develop instructional skills related to lab-based molecular biotechnology education; provide state-of-the-art, laboratory-based education in molecular biotechnology.

NEED: NCSU's Biotechnology pogram needed collaborative diagramming software with both flowchart and mind map capabilities that could capture the complex ideas taught in its Metagenomics and Bioethics classes with ease.

SOLUTION: Free Lucidchart educational accounts for Metagenomics and Bioethics students.


North Carolina State University needed a user-friendly diagramming tool to supplement its Biotechnology program. Professors were looking for a program that would encourage students to think carefully about the ethical dilemmas involved in biotechnology processes. It was essential that this tool allow for collaboration, and important that it was integrated with Google Apps, since the program already used Google services.

Carlos Goller, a Teaching Postdoctoral Associate at NCSU, explained, “I was looking for a resource that would allow students to easily create quality mind maps and flow charts in a collaborative environment. Lucidchart ties in to our Google Apps system at NCSU and was easy to use.”


Intrigued by the possibilities, Dr. Goller chose to use Lucidchart’s free education accounts for two of his classes: Metagenomics and Bioethics. Each class had different diagramming needs. Bioethics students were required to make mind maps that succinctly presented the complex factors inherent in biotechnology ethics. Lucidchart turned out to be an excellent fit, since it offers time-saving features—keyboard shortcuts, auto-layout options, and text import and export, among others. Student pairs in Metagenomics needed to create flowcharts that showed which bioinformatics processes would be used to analyze relevant sequencing data. In this case, Lucidchart’s drag-and-drop technology and vast range of flowchart shapes made the challenge doable.

In both of his classes, Dr. Goller hoped for a creative collaboration process that didn’t slow down his students’ workflow. With Lucidchart, they worked on the same documents simultaneously and communicated about processes in real-time.


Lucidchart was the ideal solution to NSCU’s Biotechnology program’s diverse needs. Students appreciated the product for its intuitive nature and proven usefulness. One student even described it as changing his overall views on the value of diagramming.

“It actually did help me look at the big picture of the procedure and see the workflow overall. I have trouble summarizing things and the flow chart forced me to try to do that. […] I used to have flow charts grouped in the same level of organizational hell as Venn diagrams, but I honestly have been convinced otherwise.”


Our software is simple for students to learn and easy for professors to manage. Your students will love the ease of group projects with Lucidchart, and you’ll appreciate the classroom hours returned to you—no need to troubleshoot when you’d rather be teaching.

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