Class Diagram for ATM System (UML)

Class diagram for ATM system (UML)

Class diagrams are a type of structure diagram in Unified Modeling Language (UML) that show classes, their attributes, and the relationships between objects. They're especially useful for software developers when designing applications, in this case ones outlining ATM systems.

Start with one of the class diagram templates showcased below to outline systems similar to ATM process outlines. Lucidchart makes it easy to edit your work, build new nodes, collaborate with colleagues, and share your diagrams.

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UML Class Diagrams for an ATM System

ATMs are deceptively simple: there are many layers of security that a safe and effective ATM must pass through to prevent fraud and provide value for banking customers. The various human and inanimate parts of an ATM system are illustrated by this easy-to-read diagram—every class has its title, and the attributes are listed beneath. You can edit, save, and share this chart by opening the document and signing up for a free Lucidchart account.

ATM System Class Diagram Template

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ATM system class diagram template

More Class Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Create any type of UML diagram with Lucidchart's drag-and-drop interface! With a complete UML shape library, handy tutorials, and dozens of example UML diagrams, Lucidchart is the ideal diagramming solution for heavy-hitting technical charts. You can create activity diagrams, use case diagrams, and class diagrams for all kinds of systems, including ATM, library management, and login processes. Try the class diagram for ATM template above, or continue reading for additional class diagram examples.

banking system class diagram example

Banking system class diagram example

This colorful class diagram illustrates clearly the different relationships between the institution (green), the human actors (orange), and the types of transactions (blue). Just click to edit.

See our banking system class diagram example in full here.

online shopping class diagram example

Online shopping system class diagram example

In the modern age, shopping systems are intricate and irreplaceable processes. This customizable diagram shows the relationships between customers and their shopping carts in crisp detail.

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login page class diagram example

Login page class diagram example

If you're building a web or mobile application, it's nearly guaranteed that you'll need a login page. From the standpoint of both usability and security, mapping this process out is helpful.

See our Login Page class diagram example in full here.

Class diagrams for ATM systems—or any other system—don't have to be difficult. Try Lucidchart for free—no plugins or download required.

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