Class Diagram for Banking System (UML)

Class diagram for banking system (UML)

Lucidchart’s premier software can help you draw class diagrams with ease, as well as other diagrams in UML (Unified Modeling Language).

Class diagrams provide helpful overviews of the objects that are involved in a process. Modify the template below to make a class diagram for a banking system.

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UML Class Diagrams for a Banking System

Online banking systems have become ubiquitous enough that today, some banks have done away with their brick-and-mortar stores and only offer online resources. The rise of computerized banking makes it useful to have an overview of the system on hand. A banking system has a variety of classes, which can be quickly outlined with a class diagram. The diagram below shows how items in the system interact, providing a helpful look at tellers, customers, account types, and other factors involved in banking.

Banking System Class Diagram Template

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UML Class diagram for banking system

More Class Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

With Lucidchart, you can put together any type of UML diagram. Chart-making has never been easier! It's simple to create all kinds of class diagrams, from an ATM class diagram to charts for an airline or hotel management system. When you're ready to show off your work, try sharing it through email, chat, or even video—we're fully integrated with Google Hangouts. Make your diagrams from scratch, or open the templates below to get you started.

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Get some perspective on ATM systems with this class diagram template. Then use Lucidchart’s click-and-drag options to make the template your own, adding or removing information as you work.

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