Class Diagram for Hospital Management System (UML)

Class diagram for Hospital Management System (UML)

UML provides a common language for modeling object-oriented systems. If you're developing a hospital management system, Lucidchart gives you a way to organize the process using a professional-quality design.

With this specific class diagram template, Lucidchart makes it easy to create and outline any complex process and system. Customize the color scheme and typefaces of this hospital management class diagram template, then print or publish with one click!

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Using Class Diagrams for Hospital Management System

With a class diagram in UML, actors are not limited to the human players in a system. This class diagram below shows how the patient interacts with both healthcare providers, such as a receptionist or a doctor, and the healthcare system itself. With bright colors and an easy-to-read flow of information, this template is ready to use right away—you can easily add or delete nodes to reflect your hospital’s system. Check out this guide to “What Is a Class Diagram in UML?” for specific details on the conventions of class diagrams.

Class Diagram Template for Hospital Management Systems

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Class Diagram for Hospital Management System (UML)

More Class Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

You can use Lucidchart to create any type of UML chart for hospital management, regardless of the scope of your project. Lucidchart is the ideal diagramming choice for class diagrams, because it comes with an extensive shape library, a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, and real-time collaboration directly in the editor. Try one of the examples below to get familiar with class diagrams in UML.

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Hotel management system class diagram example

Hotels have several moving parts. Whether you’re designing a system from the perspective of a guest or from the manager's point of view, a class diagram can help you streamline the process.

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Libraries manage information: not just books, but archives, digital holdings, and access to scholarly journals. Make this diagram your own by selecting all of the objects and applying color.

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Banks need to provide a secure, reliable way for clients to access their account information, transfer funds, and open accounts. This class diagram shows the overall architecture that an online banking system would need.

By making the switch to cloud-based software, you ensure that your diagrams are available from any device, any time. Use this template and sign up today for free—no credit card required.

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