Class Diagram for Login Page (UML)

Class diagram for login page (UML)

The Unified Modeling Language provides guidelines for class diagrams. While creating these charts may seem difficult, the templates below will take you from beginner to pro in no time.

Lucidchart features an extensive shape library of UML symbols, which are perfect for activity, use case, component, sequence, and of course, class diagrams. Try them today!

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UML Class Diagrams for a Login Page

A login page is an important part of any client-facing website. It's often the first or second experience that visitors have with your website, so you don't want to get it wrong. But before you style or brand a login page, make sure that the structure of the system—including its classes, attributes, and operations—are fully represented. This UML class diagram example can help you do just that. Click to view or edit!

Login Page Class Diagram Template

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UML class diagram for login page

More Class Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Lucidchart is convenient and easy to use, even for sophisticated creations like UML diagrams. Pre-made templates and shape libraries come standard with the app, including those for activity diagrams, use case diagrams, and even textual use case scenarios. To speed up the diagramming process, you can solicit feedback or share with your team in a single click. Get started with the example above—class diagram for login page (UML)—or use any of the templates below.

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