Class Diagram for Online Shopping System (UML)

Class diagram for online shopping system (UML)

UML, or the Unified Modeling Language, provides clear guidelines for how to create class diagrams. Use Lucidchart's shape library to easily draw and style your own class diagrams!

Class diagrams describe the structure of a system by modeling its classes, attributes, operations, and the relationships between objects. Try Lucidchart for these and other UML charts.

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UML Class Diagrams for Online Shopping Systems

Whether you're creating an online shopping system or merely using one, it's important to know the basic objects that are involved and how they're related to each other. A class diagram for an online shopping system (UML), like the one featured below, can help you understand the schematics of your system and express its needs. Lucidchart provides every shape that you need to craft an effective class diagram. Don't get overwhelmed; just start with one of the templates below!

Online Shopping Class Diagram Template

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Class diagram for online shopping system

More Class Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Lucidchart's easy-to-use technology is ideal for all sorts of UML diagrams, including activity, component, state, and of course, class diagrams. It's as simple as dragging and dropping our pre-made shapes onto the canvas, then styling them as needed. You can even solicit feedback from teammates or colleagues by sharing the document online. The template above—class diagram for online shopping system—can get you started; otherwise, try the customizable examples below.

hotel management class diagram examples

Hotel management class diagram example

Managing a hotel can be messy—room upgrades, bill payment, and other factors must be taken into consideration. This template can help you simplify the process; just click to start.

See our hotel management class diagram example in full here.

railway reservation system class diagram examples

Railway reservation system class diagram example

Use this example diagram to explore the relationships between classes in a railway reservation system. To customize, just drag and drop new elements. You can even upload images!

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ATM system class diagram examples

ATM system class diagram example

Model the interactions between objects in an ATM application with this diagram. You'll see how objects are related to one another and what that means for the system.

See our ATM system class diagram example in full here.

Compared to desktop programs, Lucidchart is less expensive, more responsive, and easier to use, making it the modern way to communicate visually. Try it for free today—no plugin or download required.

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