Class Diagram for Railway Reservation System (UML)

Class diagram for railway reservation system (UML)

Class diagrams can help you analyze and describe a system. UML, or the Unified Modeling Language, provides guidelines for making accurate and easily-understood class diagrams. These examples show how UML and class diagrams work together.

UML diagrams include use cases diagrams, activity diagrams, component diagrams, and many more. No matter what you're building, Lucidchart has the shape libraries and flexibility that you need.

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UML Class Diagram for a Railway Reservation System

Class diagrams show the structure of a system by modeling its classes, attributes, operations, and the relationships between objects. Whether you ride the train to work every day or are planning a special bus trip, it's helpful to know which objects are involved. A class diagram for railway reservation system (UML), like the one below, can demonstrate the details of your system and even help determine its needs. Use Lucidchart to build and share important diagrams; the examples on this page will get you started.

Train Reservation Class Diagram Template

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Class diagram for railway reservation system (UML)

More Class Diagram Examples in Lucidchart

Lucidchart's unique platform provides many benefits for creating UML diagrams. Not only do we provide nearly every standard shape for all types of diagrams, we allow you to import Visio files and high-quality image files, including SVGs. This adds a customizable element that other programs lack. When your chart is complete, try sharing it via email, an online link, or even a video chat. Collaboration is simple in the cloud; use the examples below to see for yourself.

hotel management class diagram examples

Hotel management class diagram example

To successfully manage a hotel, you need to keep track of many different people and tasks. This template gives you a broad overview of what's happening.

See our hotel management class diagram example in full here.

airline reservation class diagram examples

Class diagram for airline reservation system example

Lucidchart has templates for all sorts of class diagrams, including this one for an airline reservation system. It's completely customizable for any work or school project.

See our airline reservation class diagram example in full here.

ATM system class diagram examples

ATM system class diagram example

This diagram can help you understand the various interactions between objects in an ATM system. Click to see how classes relate to each other and how that affects the application.

See our ATM system class diagram example in full here.

Lucidchart is a modern diagramming solution that is collaborative, easy to learn, and compatible with nearly any device or operating system. Try it for free today—no plugins or download required.

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