• ConceptDraw for Mac

    Need a full-featured alternative to ConceptDraw? Lucidchart is a versatile diagramming solution that runs perfectly on Mac computers.

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  • Diagram Anywhere

    There’s no need to move your software license when you switch machines. With Lucidchart, you can seamlessly trasition between operating systems or devices.

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Visio import and export

Unlike ConceptDraw, Lucidchart enables you to import and edit native Visio file formats. For the simplest process imaginable, try our bulk import—you can upload up to 200 Microsoft Visio files at once! Now you can work seamlessly with any colleague or client.

Simple sharing

Because our program is web-based, every change is housed in the same document. This reduces the confusion of multiple versions. Sharing is as simple as sending a link; you get to choose each collaborator’s permissions and even reverse edits if necessary.

Flexible shape libraries

We offer the same versatility that ConceptDraw has, but for a lower upfront fee. Create beautiful and interactive diagrams, including org charts, mind maps, BPMN diagrams, wireframes, mockups, site maps, flowcharts, and a wide array of technical charts.

No downloads or manual updates

Now you can acquire the technology you need without the hassle of old-school software. Skip lengthy download processes and manual updates—Lucidchart does it all for you. Our online model also allows for real-time collaboration and auto-saving of every file.

Outstanding customer service

When it comes to our customer service, other technology companies don’t even come close. Our locally-based team works closely with developers to answer your questions, and most inquiries receive a response within the same business day.