Convert Visio to PDF

Having trouble opening a Visio file or sharing it with others who don't have Visio access? Instead of purchasing an expensive Visio license, keep reading to find out how you can convert your VSD, VDX, or VSDX file into a PDF for anyone to view.

Use Lucidchart to convert Visio files into PDF files
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How to convert Visio files into PDFs

1. Locate the Visio file you'd like to convert.

If you have the file open in Visio, save it as a VSD, VDX, or VSDX file. (Note: we currently support import from Visio 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.)

2. Create or log into your Lucidchart account.

  • A free accounts lets you view Visio files
  • A Pro or Team account is required to edit or export Visio files
  • Starting a free trial gives you access to these and other premium features

After logging in, make sure you're on the Documents page of your account.

3. Click "Import," then choose "Import Visio." Click "choose file" to locate the Visio file on your computer, then click "Import" one more time to begin the upload. Once the dialog box indicates that the file has been successfully imported, close it.

4. The Visio file will now appear in your documents list. Double-click it to open it.

5. After making sure that file appears properly, you're ready to save it as a PDF (or another preferred format). On the file menu, select "Download as." You can then choose whether to convert it into a PDF, JPG, PNG, or even Visio file. Your file will begin downloading automatically.

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