The initial momentum behind Lucidchart actually came from the user community. We picked up on that and worked with Lucidchart to bring it to Pearson.

Today, we have well over 10,000 people who use Lucidchart day to day. And they adopted it because they really liked the product.

See how Pearson uses Lucidchart

Case Studies


Kunal Arora

Senior Program Manager, DocuSign

Lucidchart is absolutely required for our process now. I don’t know how we would get this information ready and in front of the executive team without the use of this tool.

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Kailey Roeder

Product Manager, 2U

Lucidchart was easy to learn. It’s extremely user- friendly, and the drag-and-drop functionality saved me hours. I love that it seamlessly integrates into our larger project management suite and ecosystem..

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Lucidchart + G Suite

Burke Rich

Quality Assurance Analyst, ClientTrack

The single thing I noticed about Lucidchart is how easy it is. It’s very intuitive; the shapes just snap together and it clearly guides a person through the process of setting up a diagram. Combined with G Suite, you just have this flow of information that's unprecedented.

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Sue Lewis

Director of Product Management, Silicon Mechanics

We could have installed Office and SharePoint and all that, but the cost would have been through the roof and it would have been a pain to support. The apps themselves—Gmail, Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs—have the functionality that 99.9% of our users need, and yet they’re lightweight enough that they’re easy to use.

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David Hardwick

CTO, BetterCloud

BetterCloud builds enterprise products that enhance the day-to-day experience for G Suite administrators and users.To build products of this caliber we create UML diagrams, process flows, and database designs. BetterCloud knows that real-time collaboration and innovation is essential—that's why we rely on Lucidchart for all these critical artifacts.

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Craig Walker


I was looking for an online version of Visio when I came across Lucidchart. I was affirmatively looking for something like this product, and it was the best solution out there. It's changed everything. I think a picture’s worth a thousand words, so rather than writing up a 20 page PRD or sketching out a complex org chart, I chart it out visually. It’s so much easier.

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Joshua Fruhman

Head of Deployment, Breadcrumb by Groupon

Lucidchart did what we needed it to do...we can very quickly and easily draw a network. We can use images from Google or the actual images of the products that we’re using. And we can take links to network charts and put them in our CRM tool quite easily. It helps us solve our problems and solve them well.

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Bob Ullery

Senior Solutions Consultant, ExactTarget

Lucidchart has changed the way I run discovery and scoping session with our clients. Laying out the 'big picture' of a client's current state is one thing, but having the ability to build the illustration with a client in real-time is fun, engaging and absolutely game changing.

Ali Khan

Director of Technology Operations, Warby Parker

In the past, we had to save a document to a network drive, email it around, manage different versions, and make sure all versions were up to date. With Lucidchart, you can view, share, and manage permissions all at once...Now, people can visualize things in a simple way, rather than reading 30 pages of a project process.

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Govind Davis

CEO/CIO, MCF Technology

Lucidchart is essential for us to quickly and collaboratively illustrate ideas, as well as build out complex interface and workflow designs for our projects. We have found that the ease of use with Lucidchart allows for faster creation of documents and less time spent to get the right look.

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Dave Paolicelli

Director, Definitive Logic

As a cloud tool, Lucidchart allowed the team to work together on a process model wherever we happened to be physically. We used Lucidchart to manage our Scrum board and it made the process of organizing and managing the project work more tangible. It also creates a destination for certain kinds of diagrams, resulting in quicker iterations on our task plan. Lucidchart absolutely saved us time and money. It’s one price point for all of those capabilities.

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Simon Read

UX Designer, Curve

In terms of organizing and improving our workflow, Lucidchart has helped us plan and create more refined user experiences, and it gives us more flexibility to collaborate and react to feedback from clients. This enables us to progress projects at a greater pace, which is always good for the typical project which is has a launch requirement of ‘yesterday’!

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Angus McDonald

Technical Director, Elcom Technology

When Elcom needed an object design tool, we searched the web for affordable applications. Lucidchart stood head and shoulders above the rest, but even better, it offered us a wireframing and general charting tool that makes Visio and PowerPoint look dull and complicated by comparison. At Elcom we value powerfully simple solutions and Lucidchart has become one for our development teams.

Laura Lippay

CEO, SEOgadget

Lucidchart has helped us produce gorgeous work for our clients, helping us help them make the web a better place. Between the huge libraries of shapes, the ability to bring in images or icons from Google search, integrating videos, creating multiple tabs, collaboration capabilities, being able to download in various formats—there’s very little I can’t do with this tool.

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Karen Kackley-Dutt

Instructor of Biology, Penn State Lehigh Valley

After students used Lucidchart for concept maps, I didn’t even need to analyze the data—I saw an immediate and marked improvement on their exam scores. After controlling for prior knowledge, we determined that students who used concept mapping scored significantly higher on the unit test than students who worked individually without concept maps.

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Kannan Mohan

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems, Baruch College

With Lucidchart, all my students have access to a set of shared diagrams and they contribute to these diagrams directly. These changes are reflected immediately, making lab sessions extremely productive. Now the most up-to-date version of their work is readily available for me to open and project. This has saved quite a bit of time that I would otherwise spend in just the nitty-gritties of sharing and opening files.

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Steven Broad

Associate Professor of Mathematics, St. Mary's College

Lucidchart has exceeded my expectations for all of the purposes that originally prompted me to select it. The collaborative, web-based functionality has greatly reduced the amount of time that students spend embroiled in the logistics of versioning and distributing their diagrams to their team. It has allowed more analysis and design iterations than the course usually permits, resulting in stronger student work.

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Diana Laufenberg

Teacher, Science Leadership Academy

As a teacher, I could not be more pleased with the functionality of Lucidchart as a tool for learning. Lucidchart organizes ideas, connects concepts and allows learning to be visual. Lucidchart is one of the best choices for the classroom because of its simple web-based and collaborative functions.