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    Lucidchart makes diagramming databases easier than ever. We have native ER and UML diagrams. Your free trial is one click away.

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    Our diagramming program was built with computer engineers in mind, not as an after thought. Come see the difference.

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Visio compatibility

If you are in the middle of a project or concerned about the cost of transferring old documentation into a new format, Lucidchart has you covered. We can covert your old diagrams into Lucidchart diagrams, and you can even send your diagrams in .vsd format to current Visio users.

Instant team feedback

Database diagramming goes faster when multiple parties can give feedback at the same time. Lucidchart allows real-time changes from your whole team in real-time. You can chat in the browser or leave a note for other team members to read later. All collaborators are color coded for easy recognition.

We are engineers

You're diagramming a database because you want the application you're building to work right the first time. As computer engineers, we understand! We built a tool to get you in and out of the program quickly and on to other pressing tasks.

Cost of diagramming software for teams

Competitive pricing

If you are accustomed to using Visio for your diagramming needs, you are going to be very happy with our pricing. We are a fraction of the cost and automatically push out updates to your account without any user maintenance.