• OmniGraffle for Mac Alternative

    Lucidchart is a robust, full-featured alternative to OmniGraffle. Fulfill any diagramming need at a fraction of the cost.

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  • More Options and Features

    With more import options (including Visio, OmniGraffle, and Gliffy), more premium shape libraries, and true collaboration, Lucidchart is the ideal choice for you.

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Work online

OmniGraffle requires you to purchase and download their software. With Lucidchart, enjoy the convenience of diagramming directly in your browser. Every document you make is stored safely in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer platform— Mac, PC, or Linux—and almost any modern device.

OmniGraffle import

We strive to make our software as compatible as possible. If you want to switch from OmniGraffle to Lucidchart, we make it easy with an OmniGraffle import option. Simply chose Import > OmniGraffle to test the feature for yourself. It’s a great option to have on hand if your clients or colleagues send you OmniGraffle documents.

Convenient collaboration

When you work in the cloud with Lucidchart, your collaboration possibilities become limitless. Use chat, comments, or even Google Hangouts to communicate with clients directly in the editor. You can also send a link to others and set specific permissions so they can work with you on your document in real-time.

Better prices

When you purchase OmniGraffle, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee up front, plus more fees with each upgrade. With Lucidchart, you’ll have access to a completely free account with a variety of shape libraries. Or you can choose a Pro account for only a small monthly fee. You’ll never have to pay to download new updates—they are delivered automatically to your cloud-based editor.