Lucidchart for business professors

Business professors around the world use Lucidchart’s online, collaborative diagramming software to enhance students’ learning.

How do business professors use Lucidchart?

Diagrams and other visuals are core to nearly every discipline in business. For example, Lucidchart allows strategy students to easily analyze a business with SWOT templates, plot business units on a Growth-Share Matrix, visualize Porter’s Five Forces, or create decision trees. Operations and supply management students can quickly map out processes to identify bottlenecks and determine potential solutions. Marketing students can use Lucidchart to analyze sales processes and brainstorm marketing strategies.

Which features does Lucidchart offer?

To help students get started, Lucidchart offers a rich Community Library with hundreds of examples and templates. Browsing these examples may help spark ideas for students, while starting from a template can save valuable time.

Rather than working on documents individually and emailing them back and forth, students can now work together on the same document. To share their work, students can export to several formats, including a web page, PNG, PDF, VDX, or even an embeddable HTML viewer.

How much does Lucidchart cost?

Lucidchart is completely free for accredited educational institutions.

Professors, simply use this form to request a group account for your classes.

Students, please encourage a faculty member to make the request for your class or request an individual account.

“I'm using flowcharts for work and school projects, and Lucidchart has literally helped me go from 20-30 minutes creating flowcharts to seconds! It's so easy, you can't not use it.”

– Dane, Entrepreneurship student

“Wow, this is awesome. Diagramming works like Google Docs in that you're able to collaborate in real time. Used it for a business modeling exercise with a group of us all editing at the same time.”

– Brandon, Marketing student