Lucidchart for English professors

English professors across the nation are using Lucidchart’s collaborative diagramming software to better reach a variety of different types of learners.

How do English professors use Lucidchart?

It’s no surprise that every student learns differently. Introducing visuals into a traditionally text-centric environment, such as an English class, is a powerful way to help students collect, analyze and communicate their ideas.

By creating a mind map, for example, visual learners can easily brainstorm for upcoming papers and projects. If it’s a group assignment, the collaborative aspect of Lucidchart will allow multiple students to brainstorm at the same time from anywhere.

Which features does Lucidchart offer?

Lucidchart’s software is intuitive—easily begin diagramming without having to take time to learn how to use a complex program. There are a number of tools to choose from, including the mind map and flow chart tool, that ensure students have the necessary means to complete the type of diagram they need.

Lucidchart is ideal for classrooms because its collaborative feature enables students to work together. Students can also upload their own images into their documents and publish to several formats, including a web page, PNG, PDF, VDX, or even an embeddable HTML viewer.

How much does Lucidchart cost?

Lucidchart is completely free for accredited educational institutions.

Professors and faculty, simply use this form to request a group account for your classes.

Students, please encourage a faculty member to make the request for your class or request an individual account.

“The process of creating a chart can help students visualize and process the parts of a multifaceted problem or concept. Lucidchart makes it easy for students to create charts and share their charts.”

– Richard Byrne,

“The tools available help me more easily brainstorm and then outline papers and other assignments before I even begin writing. With the collaboration, it's never been so easy to have peers review my ideas.”

– Joy, English student