Lucidchart for medical professors

Lucidchart can enhance your work not only in the classroom but also in your practice.

How do medical professors use Lucidchart?

Lucidchart can simplify and enhance your work both in the classroom and in your practice. In the classroom, use the flowchart tool to help illustrate complex processes and ideas, from body systems such as the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, to the proper steps for treating various ailments or injuries. Also, the collaborative aspect of Lucidchart allows your students to work together on group projects or to study for exams together from anywhere at any time.

In your practice, use the organizational chart tool to visually display the chain of command within your office. Create flowcharts that illustrate correct patient handling procedures or proper billing protocol.

Which features does Lucidchart offer?

Lucidchart’s intuitive user interface ensures that you, your students, and your staff will all be able to easily use the tools Lucidchart offers. The library of examples offers ideas from other users who have published work, and the library of shapes available for your use will help you create the exact diagram you need.

Lucidchart’s collaborative feature will enable any number of students or staff members to work on a document together, and they can work simultaneously from anywhere! Once a document is finished, it can be published in a variety of formats, including a web page, PNG, PDF, VDX, or even an embeddable HTML viewer.

How much does Lucidchart cost?

Lucidchart is completely free for accredited educational institutions.

Professors, simply use this form to request a group account for your classes.

Students, please encourage a faculty member to make the request for your class or request an individual account.

“Wow! I just started playing with this—very intuitive. If you can use the web, you can use this application—that's the way I like it. Nice job!”

– Mark, M.D.