• Creating ER Diagrams Using Visio?

    If you need to model the relationship between entities and databases, Visio is one option. But for a cheaper and more lightweight solution, try Lucidchart.

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  • Easy to Use

    Forget ER diagrams in Visio—Lucidchart offers a deeply intuitive experience, complete with drag-and-drop actions. Create a free account to see for yourself.

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Visio import & export

Building ERDs is a great way to model the data in an information system. Lucidchart makes it easy to import, edit, and even export ERDs within a Visio file format. Just sign up for a Pro trial and discover our industry-leading interoperability.

Every shape you'll need

Whether you want to create a high-level conceptual data model or a detailed physical data model, Lucidchart can help. The extensive shape library includes every standard entity-relationship shape. And if you require a unique element, just import it as an image.

Professional touches

It’s surprisingly easy to style your shapes and lines for a clean-looking diagram. When it’s time to share, take advantage of our stunning real-time collaboration. Instead of emailing multiple document versions, diagrams can be accessed right in the browser.

More than ERDs

Lucidchart’s diagramming capabilities go far beyond entity-relationship diagrams. All sorts of technical charts can be made in the app, from UML to P&ID. Your business colleagues will appreciate it, too—cut costs and increase efficiency with flowcharts, value stream maps, org charts, and more.

Streamlined collaboration

Eliminate unnecessary processes from your workflow. Lucidchart lets you draft, edit, and publish a finished document all in the same program. If your entity-relationship diagram is a group effort, why not collaborate in real-time? The other users can edit or comment, but only if you say so. Document presence shows you the exact location of each collaborator, so no work is wasted.