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    Are you working on an important business plan? Use Lucidchart to coordinate quickly with business partners and investors.

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  • Business plan examples

    Our software works on any platform, from any location, so you can present with ease. Get great ideas from other users when you access the Lucidchart Community page.

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Simple business plans

Too often, business plans are clunky and overly complex. With Lucidchart, you can create a custom business plan or elevator pitch that only addresses the elements that are crucial to your organization.

Online org charts

With .csv import and tailored design options, you can create an effective, eye-catching org chart in minutes. Even if your business is brand-new, show stakeholders what you plan to accomplish.

Business plan timelines

Before you get any money, you'll have to prove to investors that you have a viable plan. Lucidchart makes it easy to create and chart out your business plan timeline.

Using Lucidchart for your proposal

Whether you want to impress an angel investor or sign an important client, a strong proposal is a must. Use Lucidchart's demo mode to easily share your ideas.